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Bust Through LinkedIn Lead Generation Myths

Viveka von Rosen

With over 460 million people on LinkedIn, and thousands of active prospects, why aren’t you making more money with LinkedIn? Inbound Sales Strategies are not as intuitive as they seem on LinkedIn. By attending my session you will be better armed to break through some common selling misconceptions to create a social selling system that really works and converts!

About Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is a Cofounder and Chief Visibility Officer at Vengreso, , the largest full-spectrum digital sales transformation provider in the US. Known as the @LinkedInExpert, she's author of the best-selling book LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day & LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand. Viveka is a contributing expert to LinkedIn's official Sales and Marketing blogs and their "Sophisticated Marketer's" guides, and is often called on to contribute to publications like Fast Company, Forbes, Money, Entrepreneur, The Social Media Examiner, etc. Viveka takes the LinkedIn experience she has perfected over the past 10+ years and transforms it into engaging and informational training (having provided over 100K+ people) with the tools and strategies they need to succeed on LinkedIn.

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