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Building the Data-Driven Customer Journey

Christopher Penn

Do you understand the path your customers take toward conversion? Would you know if your customer journey is out of sync with your marketing operations? In this session, you'll learn what the best practice customer journey is for your industry, how to find your specific customers' desired path to conversion, and what next steps to take to optimize your marketing for maximum ROI.

About Christopher Penn

Christopher S. Penn is an authority on digital marketing and marketing technology. A recognized thought leader, author, and speaker, he has shaped three key fields in the marketing industry: Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing and PR, and email marketing. Known for his high-octane, here’s how to get it done approach, his expertise benefits companies such as Citrix Systems, McDonald’s, GoDaddy, McKesson, and many others. His latest work, Leading Innovation, teaches organizations how to implement and scale innovative practices to direct change.Christopher is a highly-sought keynote speaker thanks to his energetic, informative talks. In 2015, he delivered insightful, innovative talks on all aspects of marketing and analytics at over 30 events to critical acclaim:Seriously, I think @cspenn is the smartest #socialmedia marketer I’ve ever met.Freaking love @cspenn this guy is beyond smart yet is engaging & can simplify it… Awesome stuff!@cspenn You have an uncanny knack for bringing relevance and sense of numbers at data. Loved your keynote and session at #SMMW15.Others who recognize Christopher’s work include:Forbes Magazine and MediaPost recognized him as one of the top 50

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