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Empathy is now the key characteristic of leadership at all company levels with the strong talent emphasis of the Future of Work. The ability for an employer to understand employees and personalize their work situations and benefits has therefore become essential for attracting, engaging, and retaining the talent needed to grow and succeed. Understand the significant impact of empathy on the economics of your business--to future-proof it or risk undermining its ongoing viability without it.

About Sophie Wade

Sophie Wade is author of Embracing Progress, Next Steps for the Future of Work. She has held senior management, strategy and finance roles around the world working in media, technology, and venture capital for companies such as IMG, Yahoo, and SONY. Sophie has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from top international business school, INSEAD. Sophie is Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network, a Future-of-Work-focused consultancy. She helps companies to future-proof their work environments and create compelling, competitive, and digitally-integrated workplaces to attract, engage and retain their multigenerational and distributed talent.

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