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Shireen Mitchell

Pew Internet Life reported that American use of the internet is at an all-time high of 73% but now it's inundated with threats of rape, violence & death. 62% believe online harassment is a major problem. Many of us have experienced the unpleasant reality of speaking freely on the Internet. Is it Free speech? Hate speech? or something else? Is there a difference in how you view this problem based on identity? How is identity defined in this "virtual" environment? Are we all protected online the exact same way? Let's explore what a Utopia Internet is and/or isn't since it's creation.

About Shireen Mitchell

Founder of Digital Sisters, the first organization specifically focused on women and girls of color in technology and digital media, Shireen has been at the forefront of addressing the role that the tech Industry has played in revealing our social views. Stop Online Violence Against Women (SOVAW) project -- an initiative in which she is collaborating with survivors, activists, organizations, lawmakers, and legislators to bring women who had equally offensive and scary experiences to the forefront. Based on this dedication and career-long commitment, Shireen is well versed to discuss the need to address these types of offensives in order to create a desired safer and saner Internet culture that is inclusive of women and girls of color.

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