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Paul Osincup

Seriously, what kind of person does a talk about ""how to be humble""? There's only one way to find out! In a follow-up to his TEDx Talk about why leaders should have a sense of humor; Paul discusses how to not take yourself too seriously. This high-energy, comedic, yet content-rich talk provides steps to adding levity to your leadership style as well as funny ""what not to do"" moments! If you buy into the notion of humor in leadership, but want tips on how to do it, then this is your talk!

About Paul Osincup

Paul Osincup is a Speaker, Consultant, and Humorist, who serves up serious content via fun delivery with the purpose of creating more positive work climates. Paul draws on his experience as a Dean and Conflict Resolution specialist with a Master's Degree in Higher Education Leadership, as well as his background as a class clown & stand-up comic to ignite individuals to laugh, learn, and lead!

Pretty cool video, huh?

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