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Bold Talks: Lisa Brouwer

Lisa Brouwer

Lisa's purpose is clear: Dream big. Act bigger. Inspire others. True to her purpose, she inspired women coast-to-coast by riding a motorcycle from NYC to San Francisco on the 100th anniversary of when the first women achieved it. Two things fueled her 15-day, 4690-mile road trip: boldly saying YES to the adventure and living her message of inspiration. In this session, Lisa shares her story from the road to challenge you to obey your inner rumble and clearly share your message in the world.

About Lisa Brouwer

After 22 years of leading top producing sales teams at a Fortune 100 company, Lisa Brouwer traded her high heels for Harley boots and briefcase for saddlebags. Dynamic speaker, driven entrepreneur, and 'student of the road', Lisa thrives at the point where inspiration and action meet. As a speaker/coach, she shows entrepreneurs, marketers, and creatives how to live at this pivotal intersection.

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