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Jeanette Bronée

Time is the new currency, but thriving today isn't just a matter of mastering our time, it is a matter of mastering our nourishment-what feeds us and what fuels us. What if there was a way to nourish ourselves so we can access our natural creativity, sharpen our competitive edge, boost innovative thinking and improve our performance? The talk will discuss the real reason why we eat and how changing our relationship with food, fuels us to take business to the next level.

About Jeanette Bronée

International TEDx and Business Keynote Speaker, Performance Strategist and Leadership Coach. Nourishment Expert, Author and Founder of Path for Life Inc. For the past 30 years Jeanette has researched and applied the principles of how our mind works and why our relationship with time and stress directly affects our self-care habits, our health in general, and how we perform, lead and thrive every day at work. She founded PATH FOR LIFE in 2004 to bring awareness to our own power for taking charge of our health and daily wellbeing at work and in life. For the past 15 years she has been coaching leaders on how to create a foundation for sustainable success through mindfulness and self-care.

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