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"Are taxes too high? Are regulations too onerous? Is the Scandinavian safety net worth half a Dane's pay check? How would we know? Economics throws up its hands at trying to answer these questions. But in the absence of facts, we degenerate into pitched ideological battles – everyone's just another troll with an opinion. Here's how we can do better."

About Christopher Meyer

Chris's mission is to anticipate and shape the future of business. He has pursued this goal as an author, executive, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, Trustee, teacher and the leader of a think tank. On behalf of clients, Chris often convenes and facilitates diverse groups of experts to anticipate how a trend or technology will affect the future of business and society.

Chris has been tracking the evolution of the information economy since the 1980s. He has provided perspective and counsel to many of the large and small companies driving change in business; Consulting Magazine once ranked him among the 20 Most Influential Consultants in the U.S. He has published four books: the first, BLUR, was a Business Week Top Ten Best Seller, and his most recent, Standing on the Sun, was listed among the Best Books of 2012 by the Financial Times.

Chris has been an innovator and entrepreneur throughout his career. At Data Resources, he developed the firm's service architecture for financial institutions. In 1984, he founded the first major consulting practice based on digital convergence while at Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman). At EY's Center for Business Innovation, in 1995, he transformed a static think tank into a wide-ranging sensing network, and founded a company with a Santa Fe Institute scientist to apply complexity theory to business. At Monitor Group, he created Monitor Talent, a business unit based on Chris' book Future Wealth.

He serves on the Boards of the Bios Group, the Fundación Innovación Bankinter, and the Fourth Sector Group and the Advisory Boards of Worldquant University, Innocentive and Tott Labs.

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