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Chris Plough

We exist in a unique point in time – a time of change. We found success, fueled by the corrosive elements of ambition and ego. We've flown high, yet many of us haven't found the fulfillment that we're looking for. Have you? For a decade, Chris explored the fringes of our world and met incredible leaders via epic adventures. Along the way, he distilled key lessons to equip entrepreneurs for the world that is coming. Step one: helping you convert to the sustainable fuel of fulfillment and meaning.

About Chris Plough

Chris Plough equips epic entrepreneurs for the world that is coming. He walks the line between business and art. He founded (and sold) MavenWire and grew it into an 8-figure global company. He developed the technical architecture for Oracle Transportation Management and has a degree in Theatre Arts. He is also known for adventure, such as driving an ambulance 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia

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