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Catherine Storing

Many of us take pride in the way we present ourselves, we hone our speaking, writing skills and make sure our outfit is clean but rarely do we take the time to put confidence on. Confidence should not be an afterthought like taking our vitamins, Confidence is the fuel that allows us to be our true selves and helps us to connect with the people we are called to serve. During this session, you will discover the true value of confidence and how to bring it into EVERYTHING you do.

About Catherine Storing

Catherine is a personal stylist, best selling author, speaker & confidence building coach. She works with those ready to step out with style and boldness, because she knows first hand that confidence is a game changer.

Growing up she struggled with low self-esteem & lacked confidence and that is why now she teaches others to embrace, and showcase their uniqueness, beauty and gifts with the world.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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