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Bold Talks: Brett Trapp

Brett Trapp

In 2016, Brett Trapp launched a blog called Blue Babies Pink, a 44-episode memoir on being a gay preacher's kid raised in the American south. The blog instantly exploded in popularity, drawing in thousands of daily readers. When it released as a podcast several months later, it instantly charted at #1 on the iTunes ""Religion/Spirituality"" chart and top 50 worldwide. This session will explore the power of story-telling and of radical vulnerability in the social media age.

About Brett Trapp

Brett's the creator of Blue Babies Pink, a 44-episode serialized blog through his journey as a gay preacher's kid from the American South. To date, Blue Babies Pink has drawn over 100,000 readers from around the world and spawned a five city "Bookless Tour. The series released as a podcast and hit #1 on the iTunes "Religion/Spirituality" chart and the top 50 of all podcasts worldwide. Since its launch, BBP episodes have been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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