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Beyond Doubt

Kevin Eyres

Self-doubt. Some use it, some get used by it, but we all experience it. As leaders, this internal battle all too often prevents us from driving innovation within our organizations. In this immersive talk, Kevin Eyres empowers leaders to transform self-doubt from a roadblock of weakness to a powerful tool for influencing and inspiring a culture of innovation.

About Kevin Eyres

A hyper-growth expert, coach, speaker and technology executive, Kevin Eyres spent more than 10 years in Europe as Managing Director of three hyper-growth companies: LinkedIn, SideStep (now Kayak) and AltaVista. As a technology leader, he oversaw development teams at and Compaq Computers. Kevin has a track record for building winning teams, cultures and companies — a journey that has shaped his coaching focus. Kevin draws from this rich experience as he inspires executives to embrace Conscious Leadership and transform internal roadblocks into fuel for innovation and growth.

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