Automate Your Funnel: Workflows That Work From Top to Bottom

Bella Wu  |  Stephanie Decoste

Join us to get the scoop on the latest in HubSpot Workflows, plus insider tips and tricks to improve the performance of your nurturing

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Bella Wu

Bella is a product manager who helps build HubSpot's automation tools. She previously spent time working on the HubSpot Marketing and Support teams, which left her with a deep appreciation for how far even a little automation goes. When she's not goofing around in the office, you will probably find her rock climbing, petting other people's dogs, or reminding people that she is from Texas.

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Stephanie Decoste

Stephanie has been a HubSpotter since 2011 and currently a Principal II Inbound Consultant on HubSpot's Premier Services team. She's passionate about marketing automation and pioneered some of the first concepts and best practices associated with the HubSpot Workflows tool. Stephanie has a knack for distilling complex concepts into simplified visuals and enjoys sharing her inbound marketing knowledge with her customers and at HubSpot User Groups across the country. A pro at understanding her customers' businesses, goals and needs, Stephanie loves helping people shine by creating custom campaigns that drive long-term success. In addition to helping customers use HubSpot, Stephanie also leads the Services Product Specialist team, serving as the voice of the customer for the advancements made to the Contacts tools.

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