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A Sales & Marketing Love Story

Melissa Miller

Learn how HubSpot's own Marketing team built an SLA to align with Sales. At HubSpot, we have a nightly chart delivered to Sales to surface how Marketing is performing against its goal. In this session, you will learn the benefits and challenges we experienced, along with how the SLA evolved as we grew from a tens of employees to 100s. You will also learn tactical tips to design and launch an SLA.

About Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller is the Director of Marketing Operations at HubSpot, where she oversees the management of their contacts database and marketing technology stack. Melissa joined HubSpot's marketing team in 2010 after receiving an MBA from MIT Sloan. While at MIT Sloan, she studied the applications of data analysis and predictive modeling in the field of marketing. She has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University where she studied mathematics. Melissa lives in Boston with her husband and two sons.

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