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A No-Nonsense Blueprint for Digital Marketing Success

Jason Falls

Why do we keep asking the same questions in social media? Like "what's the ROI in social media?" There are no easy answers. Jason presents his six point blueprint to social media success. It’s not going to sound different to what you’ve heard, you just need to know it and get to work.Getting the right language - what is Inbound? Starting with WHY - why does this matter? The Inbound workshop - developing training for your team The Content Manager - who owns this area of inbound? Insourcing - making sure you have engaged employees It’s about SALES - it's not always about you, marketers. Make it required - treat it like payroll

About Jason Falls

Jason Falls is the no-nonsense, loud, brash, straight-shooter who is more apt to tell you the truth about digital marketing, public relations and social media than try to sell you something. Sure, he drives strategy and content for clients through his work with Elasticity, but when Falls talks, people listen. And posers get scared. Unabashed, unafraid and unfiltered, Falls leaves audiences thinking, laughing and wanting more. Aside from his engaging talks, he is a well-respected social industry analyst, oft-interviewed and quoted by the likes of the BBC, Reuters, Forbes and more. Falls writes at, and for, among others. He has authored two books, neither of which are about his favorite topic (bourbon) and is an unabashed fan, resident and advocate for the city of Louisville and the State of Kentucky.

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