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A Neuroscience Perspective: Why Millenials Want Their Ads to be Native

Dan Greenberg

Scientists say our brains haven’t evolved in 50,000 years - what’s changed is our technology and the way we consume content. In 2015, Sharethrough commissioned a study from the Nielsen Neuro Lab to investigate how the subconscious brain responds to mobile native advertising. To build upon the results, they conducted a survey of millennials for a more comprehensive understanding of what they want in their ads and how to best drive engagement. Why does this matter? In today’s mobile age, content is constantly at our disposal, and every word counts. For millennials, who are endlessly scrolling through the web with thumbs in constant motion, user experience is especially key. In fact, 79% said a video that automatically plays in feed is convenient, and 70% acknowledge reading the headline while watching the video. In this session, Dan will unveil the results of both the neural study and millennial survey to give the audience an understanding of how to best serve ads to millennials.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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