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David Hoffeld

See David Hoffeld give a short summary of his talk at INBOUND 2016! In this session, David Hoffeld will share groundbreaking sales strategies, based on solid research from neuroscience and behavioral science that reveal how the human brain is wired to be influenced and make decisions. These strategies are proven to enhance anyone’s ability to positively and ethically influence others and generate more sales. What’s more, David will also clearly connect the dots between this powerful science and the situations and challenges that sales and marketing professionals face every day. So you’ll be shown how to execute each strategy in the real world and also gain an understanding of the science behind why it works. If you want to learn how to boost your ability to influence others and guide people through their decision-making process, this session is for you.

About David Hoffeld

David Hoffeld is the author of the best-selling book The Science of Selling and the CEO and chief sales trainer at Hoffeld Group, one of the nation’s top research-based sales and consulting firms. He’s pioneered a revolutionary sales approach based on research in neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics that’s been proven to radically increase sales. Because of the results his insights generate, David has lectured at Harvard Business School and has been featured in Fortune, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Investor’s Business Daily, INC, Forbes, CBS Radio, Fox News Radio, and more. To learn more about his science-backed sales strategies visit

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