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23 1/2 Tips to Master Lead Scoring

Michael Rejmaniak

So, you’re executing campaigns and winning at INBOUND marketing. Leads are flowing and you’re sending them to sales, but sales doesn’t know how good the leads are and who to follow up with first. If you want sales to feel more confident about lead quality and expedite their follow-up, or if you’re in sales and you want to better understand what marketing is giving you, then it’s time to get epic with Lead Scoring. In this presentation, you’ll learn 23 1/2 tips that you’ll need to know in order to master lead scoring. From strategy to hands-on in HubSpot to your CRM integration, attendees will walk away with both great ideas and practical knowledge on building their own lead scoring model in HubSpot that makes sales and marketing happy.

About Michael Rejmaniak

I’m responsible for ensuring that the marketing technology solutions we develop for our clients address their underlying business goals. I believe in building technology around people without overcomplicating things, so that any changes we make are embraced rather than feared.I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches, managing email campaigns, online advertising programs, marketing automation tools, CRM integrations and website projects. I call upon this experience in developing sound executable strategies for our clients.

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