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10 Things We've Learned from Doing Over a Hundred Website Throwdowns

Carina Duffy

Over the last two years we've critiqued over 50 websites on our live online Website Throwdowns, and over 100 in-person at events like INBOUND. We've had special guests like Marcus Sheridan and Peep Laja give their insights and expertise, and we've learned a TON! We want to share 10 super-practical things we've learned along the way that you can take with you and start implementing on your website right away.

About Carina Duffy

Carina Duffy is an Inbound Marketing Consultant at IMPACT Branding and Design, a Diamond HubSpot partner agency. Carina comes from a design and branding background and loves helping organizations develop high-performing websites through Growth Driven Design. Are you ready for a Throwdown?

Pretty cool video, huh?

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