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WFH Tips Courtesy of the INBOUND Team

Published on March 24, 2020


Working from home can be one of the best learning experiences we gain, as we continue to evolve as professionals.  The ability to remain disciplined, become creative about developing routines and gaining an appreciation for autonomy can all seem overwhelming but fear not.  The INBOUND team is here for you and we're looking forward to sharing some WFH Tips across teams. 

Below you'll find a few tips from team members across departments but before you dive in, take a deep breath and remember - you've got this.

Allison, Creative Partner, Video Producer

"Make time to eat lunch away from your laptop. It can be so easy to bring your computer with you but I find myself to be much more productive when I give myself a lunch break away from the screen."

Doug, Sponsorships & Brand Partnerships

"Maintain some constants of when you went into the office for personal well-being. (I.e. Shower and dress for work even though at home, get a morning workout into to feel energized)."

Alysa P., Operations, Project Manager

"Create a commute: find a routine that says "now I'm starting work" and "now I am ending work". For me, it was driving to Starbucks drive-through in the morning and coming back, and then at the end of the day taking a walk around the block. The regularity of it helps my head note the transition and feel like I've "left" work. Oh and, shower and get dressed!"

Jenn L., Project Manager

"I like to start my work day with a 30 min overview of what I need to prioritize for the day. I usually will do this while eating breakfast. I would also advise blocking off a small bit of time to stretch or go outside for a minute."

Steph G., Creative/Design

"TAKE BREAKS: Consider scheduling your virtual meetings in 25 or 50-minute increments instead of the default 30 or 60. It will allow both you (and your colleagues!) snippets of time to get up, stretch, or grab snacks throughout the day."

Brenda A., Marketing 

"Make your bed and get dressed (even if it's putting on leggings or a different pair of sweats). This has helped me get in the work mindset, and prevents me from crawling back into bed."

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