Tackle Your Top B2B Marketing Challenges with Digital Marketing Expert Neil Patel

Tackle Your Top B2B Marketing Challenges with Digital Marketing Expert Neil Patel

An entrepreneur and an expert in SEO, content marketing, and online lead generation, Neil Patel is the co-founder of NP Digital, a global, award-winning digital marketing agency. Throughout his career, he’s worked with clients spanning multiple industries including Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Google Zappos, General Motors and more. Additionally, his marketing blog generates over four million visitors per month and provides digital marketing resources, tips, and strategy. 

An INBOUND fixture, Neil will be leading multiple sessions aimed at tackling some of the top problems facing B2B marketers today. Want expert marketing advice to grow your business better? Looking for tactics to stay ahead of the AI curve? Read more for what to expect from Neil’s session and Meetups at INBOUND23!

Marketing Revolution: How to Win When Everyone is Using AI

It’s a saturated marketing world out there and marketers are facing a number of challenges – some spurred on by AI and some aided by it. Neil will break down ways that your businesses can stand apart from the crowd, provide alternatives to the traditional marketing methods, and share new strategies to grow better. Here are some of the top themes this session will tackle: 

  • You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. If it seems like it’s become harder to stand out and differentiate your business from competitors, it’s probably because everyone is turning to the same tools and similar tactics. In this session, you’ll learn new approaches that will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Cut marketing costs and time spent on projects, while still getting great outputs? A marketer’s dream. Neil will offer some time and cost-effective solutions that will help supercharge your strategies while leaning into SEO.

  • Dependency on a single channel or tool can be your downfall. Don’t undercut your marketing capabilities. Learn how to diversify your brand’s marketing strategically so as not to over-rely on any one medium like social media or AI assistance.

  • You can’t be everywhere all at once. Discover ways to impactfully build your community where it matters most. Go beyond the usual suspects and expand outside of social media to foster conversation and community. 

  • Content is king, but the continual need for creating and innovating can become a vicious cycle. How can you build a marketing strategy that doesn’t solely rely on constant content output? Neil will provide some new options for marketers to tap into. 

Get the solutions to all of those challenges and more with Neil’s session. Discover how to build a better marketing strategy using a different perspective and find a way to win when everyone else is doing the same thing and using the same tools and technology.

Neil will also be teaming up with his Marketing School Podcast co-host, Eric Siu (Founder, Single Grain), for an unfiltered Q&A session where they’ll dive into the latest trend and best practices for digital marketing. A top business podcast, each 10-minute episode of Marketing School provides actionable tips and strategies from experts Neil and Eric, like How to Measure the ROI of Your Content Efforts in 2023. Catch the Marketing Podcast Q&A live at INBOUND and get all of your marketing questions answered. And don’t forget to join them for deeper conversation at their Meetup.