How We’re Reimagining Networking at INBOUND 2023

How We’re Reimagining Networking at INBOUND 2023

We're all hungry for community and connection. But typical event networking needs a rehaul. Here's how we're creating inclusive, fun, and memorable spaces for community-building this year. 

If you’re thinking about attending INBOUND2023, chances are it’s for the community. 

Content? That too, but let’s be honest. The best content in the world is already at your fingertips—maybe it’s a lecture or podcast, article or book. You don’t need to go far to find excellent content, especially when you’re at INBOUND.

When it comes to an experience—something you become a part of; something a little indescribable because you just had to be there—INBOUND has you covered. 

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Some of our communities: 

- Black@INBOUND—and everyone who celebrated their crown at their iconic space.

- Women in Tech, putting women front and center to share stories of their seat at the table.

  • Attendees looking for partners, clients, customers, colleagues—aka people building a community to empower their future.
  • Everyone who got a good kick from Barack Obama looking at the crowd and getting spooked at how young we looked.

Our experiential team is composed of alums from Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and NBC. We’re always innovating on how we can make spaces more engaging, diverse, and inclusive. 

However,  real connection can’t be forced. Real connection and community-building requires more thoughtfulness, as INBOUND alum Priya Parker argues, and should be purposeful and transformative. 

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That’s why this year, we’re designing opportunities for connection through prompts that invite storytelling, games that disarm and excite, and other designs that we can't wait to share soon.

We design INBOUND’s programming to ensure our world-class content fuels connection, and our opportunities for connection are fueled by world-class content. Now that’s what we call a flywheel.