Quiet Hacking Has Entered the Chat(GPT)

Quiet Hacking Has Entered the Chat(GPT)

To avoid burnout over 30% of American workers have turned to quiet quitting — completing the bare minimum required of a job to ensure work/life balance can be achieved. But what happens when resources are cut and your department is strapped? You might suddenly find yourself working two, maybe three, people's jobs and designating more time to less desirable projects at the expense of those you’re passionate about. 

Tap into these AI tools as a productivity hack on increased workloads so you can focus on the projects that are motivating to you. 


Email Marketing 

When done well and intentionally, email marketing can be a major driver for sales and conversions. What’s the proper messaging? Should certain emails and content be personalized based on segments? If crafting email copy isn’t in your wheelhouse, check out solutions that can enhance your writing at scale or ones that can also pinpoint grammar and spelling inconsistencies to enhance your content.  

Take a deeper look into exactly how these tools are able to produce content and conceptualize new ideas — which can help make your marketing copy sparkle, all while saving you time.  


Social Media

Staying on top of engagement and trending content is no small feat. Especially, if it’s not your niche. Lean into tools that can help generate and scale social media content in your brand’s voice. If you’re new to the world of video creation (hello TikTok and Instagram reels), try an app like Pictory which enables you to transform long form content into social media ready videos. Convert longer videos into shorter, shareable snippets or revamp text, like blog posts, into branded animated content that’s more suitable for social platforms.   


Content Writing

Some people are natural wordsmiths and others prefer not to pen anything longer than a quick Slack DM. There are countless AI tools that can help generate content including PPC ads, blog posts, and press releases for you. The key to using these tools to their full potential? Knowing how to phrase a prompt. If you still find yourself needing inspiration check out this generative AI prompt library for small business — explore everything from website text and marketing copy to customer service responses and sales-focused prompts that will help you draft content quicker.



If you suddenly find yourself asked to whip up custom eye-catching graphics or engaging animations, there’s an AI tool for that. Create one-of-a-kind graphics with tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. What sets these two apart from others? The realistic and high-quality output. Enter in a brief description of what you’re looking to create (like website homepage designs, social media graphics, blog images, and paid ad graphics) and receive well-structured and extremely detailed illustrations. Both include resources to help guide prompts for those who are new to the AI image creation process. Stable Diffusion boasts a database of 12 million prompts and Midjourney provides a step-by-step guide along with tips on prompt length and grammar so you can use your time efficiently, getting the most out of the platform to create awe-inspiring imagery. 


AI tools are quickly expanding into all parts of the digital marketing landscape. Take advantage of these tools as a way to offload tasks in order to focus on the projects you want to work on. The best part? Since AI doesn’t have opinions on its workload (at least for now), don’t feel bad about delegating less desirable jobs so you can get to the ones that you're passionate about.