Million Dollar Pitch Competition

Million Dollar Pitch Competition Enter HubSpot for Startups x HubSpot Ventures Brand New Pitch Competition at INBOUND 2023!

Ready to become the next startup unicorn? 
Get ready to showcase your startup's potential for the chance to be flown out to INBOUND 2023 where you will present your startup to a panel of top-tier judges and have an opportunity to secure an investment of up to $1 million US dollars!    

Picture this, you have a game-changing business. You want to meet other founders and leading startups, get invaluable feedback, and learn from their successes (and failures). Enter: HubSpot for Startups and HubSpot Ventures’ first-ever pitch competition taking place at INBOUND 2023 this September. 

How do you get there? 
Applications will be accepted from May 15 through June 16. Six lucky startup leaders will be selected on July 14 and flown out to Boston in September for INBOUND 2023 where they’ll present their business idea to an all-star panel of judges from the startup and investor ecosystem. Presenters will ultimately be considered for an investment of up to a $1 million USD from HubSpot Ventures. 

Think you have what it takes? 
It’s time for the details — here are some guidelines on what we’re looking for in applicants: 

  1.   • Have raised a pre-seed or seed round but not more than a B round
    1.   • Have the potential to deliver unique value to the HubSpot community
  2.   • Are building a leading SaaS-based product
  3.   • Embody values consistent with HubSpot’s Customer Code and Culture Code
  4.   • Is a startup entity incorporated in USA

What else is happening at INBOUND?
The premier marketing and sales event in tech, INBOUND offers transformative content,  unparalleled networking opportunities, and inspiration to propel your work forward. Get access to 180+ expert-led sessions including those that are curated for founders like:

  • AImpact: Using Artificial Intelligence to Scale Your Startup
  • How to Drive a Connected GTM Model with RevOps
  • The 11 Irrefutable Go-to-Market Plays That Simply Work
  • "Spiraling-Up" Season 3 Premiere
  • ….and more!

With a global presence, INBOUND brings together attendees from all corners of the world, providing an unmatched group of professionals the space to connect. Get to know founders, investors, and ecosystem leaders during the many networking opportunities throughout INBOUND, including our special Startups and Sangria with HubSpot for Startups Meetup! Expand your network and gain access to deal flow and potential partnerships that can help you grow your startup (all while having a glass of sangria in hand, of course). 

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