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Meet Bookshelf by INBOUND.

Published on February 26, 2020


Introducing, Bookshelf by INBOUND a content driven experience propelled by the inspiration of thought leaders across industries.  At the INBOUND event in August, we bring in some of the world's best authors and story tellers.  The thought of leveraging our platform to highlight up and coming movers and shakers, gives us an opportunity to share their worlds with you, in turn driving even more connection to inspiring you daily. 


INBOUND, is more than an annual meeting of the minds in the land of influential leaders and emerging marketers across industries. It's a feeling, a way of life, a compass that we follow on a daily basis to guide us through our most challenging growth experiences.

Twice a month, the INBOUND team will introduce you to an entrepreneur who exudes a level of expertise that we can all admire and appreciate. They'll travel the globe to connect with thought leaders across industries who will share inspirational stories from their favorite books and podcasts.

This month (February) we're excited to share the Bookshelf of Ernest B. James. @ernestbejames, changes the narrative by providing a diversely unique platform for new  brand experiences and engagement. Through the development of communication and marketing strategies, partnered with masterful digital representation, His agency, Noire Management champions authentic story-telling through inspirational and motivational content that resonates with today's multicultural and highly informed consumer groups.

Here is Ernest's Bookshelf:



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