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Virtual Classes Are Very Much in Session With Khan Academy

Published on April 30, 2020


As the rise of virtual learning sees exponential growth,  we’re looking forward to finding ways to help parents, partners and teachers find innovative ways to keep students of all ages engaged.   Work, life, balance has taken on an entirely new meaning and we connected with someone who’s up for the challenge. 


INBOUND 2019 Spotlight Speaker, Sal Khan, the Founder and CEO of Khan Academy, a nonprofit educational organization offers free lessons for all age ranges, across subjects in multiple languages, as well as free tools for parents and teachers to track student progress. Sal and the Khan Academy team has built an educational ecosystem, with one mission in mind.  


Provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.


Sal is a key member of the INBOUND Community and is a featured guest on INBOUND LIVE, the weekly discussion series highlighting some of your favorite business leaders, where he has continued to show his passion for helping teachers, parents, and students learn effectively. 


We connected with the Khan Academy team, to learn more about how they’ve adapted to the current climate.  Below you’ll find some initiatives that we hope will encourage you to share, learn and ultimately, enjoy. 


Daily schedules for ages 2 to 18

Get help with your schedule: Khan Academy has you covered. They are doing their part by providing daily schedules for ages 2 to 18 to keep everyone learning at home. The schedules offer academic guidance and outline a mix of activities - including fun breaks during the day. Recess anyone?  Khan Academy has even added "bedtime" to the schedule for you to build in some unplugging habits. 


New Weekly Learning Plans

Let's decrease your concern for students and children finishing the school year at a lower level than expected.  Khan Academy launched weekly learning plans to help students focus on what to complete each week.  Stay organized, maximize efficiencies, and take time to relish in the opportunity to teach the way you want to. 


LIVE Daily Homerooms

We all miss the social interactions, that we can't currently facilitate.   Sal and his team are finding ways to give students something to look forward to with daily live homerooms on Facebook and YouTube to keep everyone connected and to open up dialogue with Q&A.  Khan Academy has some friends in high places, and even brings  guests such as Bill Gates on to engage the students (adds homeroom to personal Google Calendar). 


Offline Activities

Take it offline: Although we're currently completely immersed in technology, it's important to get creative with offline activities.  The Khan Academy team will be  publishing daily offline activities for ages 2 to 7 to help parents balance their children's screen times.


Webinars for Parents and Teachers

Khan Academy has not forgotten about you. They understand that we're all going through some tough times and want you to know that you are not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed.  Tune into their webinars for parents (over 5,000 parents signed up for the first webinar) and teachers to learn first hand how to adapt to the ever changing environment. Teachers if you don't have time for a webinar, Khan Academy is offering quick and easy office hours so you are able to get right back to your students. 


Want to see Khan Academy in action check out this video of families using technology to learn at home. Not only does it show high level education for older students but shows the beneficial technology for younger students in  Khan Academy Kids. Now is the time to continue to bring world-class learning to every home classroom there is. 


Tune in to Sal's discussion on Mastery, during INBOUND LIVE on our Instagram (@inbound) on April 29th, from 12:30PM-1PM EST. 


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