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Published on July 7, 2020


INBOUND's digital experience (and thus content catalog) will be different from years past. From international friendly time zone-based sessions and audio-only sessions when your eyes need a break, to Speaker office hours for 1:1 mentorship, we've got content for multiple styles of learning. In addition to our new sessions, you'll see that INBOUND classics you've come to love like Spotlight, Breakout, and Deep Dives remain. Dive into the glossary below for some of our recommended new sessions along with the full content lineup for your reference.



Fireside Chats 

Join some of the worlds most influential business leaders for discussions on relevant topics that are sure to inspire what’s next.  These sessions are reminiscent of the in-person INBOUND experience that you’ve come to love. 

Session Duration: 30 minutes

Session Type: Pre-recorded & Live 


Closing Thought 



Education Sessions

Education Sessions are where you learn. Practicality is key when it comes to learning and implementing actionable insights from leading marketing, sales and customer success professionals. 

Session Duration: 60 minutes

Session Type: Pre-recorded with a live Q&A 


Dynamic Duo

What’s better than one speaker? Two! Join in these educational sessions where each speaker invites a mystery guest to the digital stage to elevate the discussion.  

Session Duration: 60 minutes

Session Type: Pre-recorded with live Q&A 


Deep Dives

Go beyond scratching the surface.  These classroom-style, educational sessions peel back the layers of your curiosity to provide deep insights.  All questions are welcome.  Due to the nature of this in-depth content, these sessions will occur over the course of two days for the sales, marketing and customer success tracks

Session Duration: 180 mins (90 mins/session)

Session Type: Live


INBOUND Debates: Topic: Speaker vs. Speaker

Debate club just got a MAJOR upgrade.  Two speakers will go head-to-head and debate live on a specific topic, relevant to the state of the business world.  Your opinion matters, don’t be afraid to weigh in! 

Session Duration: 30 mins 

Session Type: Live 


Ask Me Anything:

Bring your questions, it’s time to ask the speaker anything. For this session, we encourage open dialogue as it relates to technical conversations and/or conversations with upper level executives sharing their insights.  

Session Duration: 30 mins

Session Type: Live


Up Next: 

Here at INBOUND, we’re inspired by what’s next. These sessions offer business leaders the opportunity to share the stage and highlight those who are “up next” in their industries.  Emerging leaders will join in a discussion with well-known executives to discuss their journeys and engage in a Q&A session. 

Session Duration: 60 mins

Session Type: Pre-recorded with live Q&A 


HubSpot Case Studies

Learn how to solve for the customer and grow better with HubSpot Academy professors and HubSpot’s suite of products. 

Session Duration: TBD 


On Demand Content



Looking for work advice? Check it off of your to-do list.  Submit questions in advance and one of our speakers will reply with their problem-solving recommendations. From professional advice to those tough technical questions, we’ve got you covered.

Session Duration: TBD

Session Type: On Demand


My Cheat Sheet

Ever wondered what’s in an executive’s toolkit? In this session, global experts will share their tips and tricks from their favorite processes and frameworks to personal work arounds for maximizing efficiency and managing priorities. 

Session Duration: Up to 20 mins

Session Type: On Demand


The Moment When...

Do you remember the moment when you realized that you’d met someone who would change the course of your career? The first chance someone took on you that you’ll never forget? In these sessions, Speakers will share stories of gratitude about those who have influenced their lives and careers for the better.

Session Duration: Up to 5 mins 

Session Type: On Demand




Reflections: TOPIC

Step away from the screen and reflect with short mindfulness sessions that will help you relax and  re-energize before your next session. 

Session Duration: Up to 15mins

Session Type: On Demand


Podcast Partnership [Podcast name at INBOUND]

Tune into your favorite podcasts, recording live at INBOUND.

Session Duration:

Session Type: Podcast


You’ve Got This

Repeat after us. You are enough and you are not alone. In these sessions, be inspired by stories of resilience, adaptability, and transformation related to the global events that have shaped 2020Topics include mental health, financial security, leadership, how to pivot, and how to take a stand for the causes that matter most. 

Session Duration: Up to 15 mins

Session Type: On Demand





Meet up with the INBOUND community on a rotational cadence.  You’ll have the option to connect randomly in a group setting or 1:1 based on interests.  

Session Duration: TBD

Session Type: Live


Bookshelf Live: 

What’d you think of that session?  We’d love for you to share your feedback after our Spotlights with one another.  During this discussion, you can gather key insights, acknowledge what you’ve learned and get to know each other. 

Session Duration: TBD

Session Type: Live

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