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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to INBOUND

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Published on April 6, 2016

Elijah Clark-Ginsberg

Convince Your Boss-1No matter how excited you are about attending INBOUND, it can be hard to get your boss on board. Chances are, at the back of her mind, she's wondering if it's really going to be valuable or if you just want an excuse to come and enjoy iconic New England fall foliage. Here are some tips and resources for putting your manager's fears to rest and demonstrating the value of INBOUND.

Map topics to your goals

This year, INBOUND will feature around 250 breakout sessions, which means there will be tons of content to support your marketing and sales goals, whatever they are.

We've already announced the topics you can expect at INBOUND and our full session agenda will be coming out this summer. In the meantime, you can pull out topics that apply to your projects and goals for the year and demonstrate how INBOUND is applicable to your role.

At INBOUND, we're really focused on delivering great content that both equips you with the actionable knowledge that you need to do your job better, and the inspiration to return to the office with a new sense of energy.

TIP: Make sure you're following us across our social media channels so that you'll receive the full agenda when it's available and get speaker announcements as they come out.


  2015_Testimonial_Headshots-05.png   "INBOUND is like the pill that Bradley Cooper takes in the movie Limitless. If the goal is to infuse excitement around the inbound marketing movement and reinvigorate enthusiasm around my day to day work, while providing the tools that enable me to do my best work, then job well done. This is the third time I've been to INBOUND and I was concerned that the material might be repetitive, but this was not the case. See you in November 2016."  
    – Alison Tozier, Marketing Director at Ericsson and three-time INBOUND attendee  


Demonstrate why NETWORKING matters

Networking is really ingrained into the entire INBOUND experience., Making organic connections with your industry peers is not only great for personal brand building, it is also a great way to forge new partnerships, recruit future employees, and elevate the presence of your company.

Opportunities for networking at the conference are everywhere. There will be daily Happy Hours, charging lounges, sponsored events and more. And don’t forget about Club INBOUND, the place to be to mix and mingle with other inbound professionals. Be ready to be surprised!

TIP: Think about what is most important to your boss and highlight those benefits. With networking, are you looking for great partners, mentors, peers, future employees, or future agencies? Make sure to be specific with those goals. After all, you’ll be with 26,000 + other marketing and sales professionals, from almost every industry imaginable and from all corners of the globe.


  2015_Testimonial_Headshots-01.png   "INBOUND is truly a top-notch event, unlike any other. The value is incredible– a high caliber of presenters and topics combined with fun entertainment and networking opportunities justify the spend. Next year we're doubling the team we send so we can grow and better serve our clients."  
    – Lauren Leger, Digital Strategy Manager at The Power Group and first-time INBOUND attendee  


Plan your travel economically

Unless you're local to Boston, your registration for INBOUND is just one of the costs of attending (although if you register before March 16th, you'll save a ton on your ticket). You'll also need to budget for hotels and airfare– and make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

We have a block of discounted hotel rooms for INBOUND attendees and you can save hundreds a night by taking advantage of it. However, hotels are booking up fast, so register soon to get access to the hotel block and snag a great room.

Luckily, flights to Boston in August can be reasonably priced.  Set those alerts to follow prices as soon as you can. 

TIP: Use an app like Hopper (made here in Cambridge, MA) to keep an eye on airfare prices and book at the best time.


  2015_Testimonial_Headshots-02.png   "INBOUND 2015 was an amazing experience. One piece of actionable information you receive from just one session here is worth double of what it cost to attend the event. It's just that good! I left with many valuable ideas and lessons learned that I could implement on my own business right away."  
    – Brian Kim, CEO of Connexe and first-time INBOUND attendee  



For many people, time out of the office, even for work reasons, is a luxury. After all, conventional wisdom says that we're most efficient when we're at our desk plugging away. While there's naturally an opportunity cost to you being out of the office, it can have real value too.

Attending an event like INBOUND puts you into a different headspace and allows you to focus on different things than you normally do. Instead of obsessing over your open rates for the month, take a breath and contemplate ways to really transform how you do your job. Think of it like a four day-long shower (except without the pruney skin)– you'll have some of your best ideas when you stop obsessing over the problems at hand.

For many attendees, INBOUND is just what they need to return to work with renewed energy and tools to finish out the year strong.

TIP: When you talk to your boss, have a plan for how your projects, responsibilities, or quotas will be managed for the days that you're away at INBOUND. You have plenty of time to plan deadlines around the event.

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