How the Neuroscience of Productivity Can Help Marketers and Sales Pros

How the Neuroscience of Productivity Can Help Marketers and Sales Pros

Meet Andrew Huberman, prominent neuroscientist, tenured professor of neurobiology at Stanford University, host of the popular Huberman Lab Podcast, and a guest speaker at HubSpot's INBOUND conference.

Huberman has authored over 70 journal articles, is the recipient of numerous awards, and his podcast regularly ranks in the top 10 of Apple and Spotify podcasts. Get to know more about his approach, how it can help you improve productivity, and transform your marketing and sales tactics.

What is the Neuroscience of Productivity?

The study of how the human brain functions and influences behavior relating to productivity and focus, this field hones in on the neural processes and inner workings of our ability to concentrate, make decisions, and get tasks done effectively. Huberman has made many contributions with his approach that combines scientific research with real-world implementation to offer groundbreaking insights for anyone looking to optimize their professional and personal productivity. 

From incorporating small shifts in behavior, like including morning walks as part of your daily routine to splitting up your work into small, manageable tasks, Huberman’s insights will provide INBOUND attendees with new perspectives to tap into the full power of their minds for improved-decision making and productivity. 

"The mind is capable of incredible creativity and innovation. By cultivating a curious and open mind we can unlock our full potential."

- Andrew Huberman

How Does this Impact Your Work?

Unsure if Huberman’s approach can be applied to your everyday work? Check out how his science-backed insights in key areas including intense focus, mindfulness, rest and sleep, and creativity can help you improve: 

  • B2B Marketers

    • You manage complex projects and campaigns on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis. Marketing is a multifaceted field that is part of a larger, dynamic landscape subject to last minute changes, shifting deadlines, and complicated requests, it’s a never ending list and requires you to be creatively agile. Huberman’s techniques can help you prioritize tasks, distribute resources efficiently and maximize the effectiveness of your time. 

    • Whether you’re working through a frustrating project, strategizing for a difficult meeting, or preparing for key decision-making, marketers will be faced with demanding and overwhelming situations. Practice mindfulness to manage stressful environments and deadlines. Huberman’s insights can help you remain calm while making well-informed decisions. 

    • Creative storytelling is the backbone of so many marketing projects, but burnout from the creative process is real.  Huberman’s work provides insight into the human brain and how understanding the science of creativity can help enhance the process of ideating new concepts and innovative campaigns

  • Sales Pros

    • From prospecting to leading client calls and managing key relationships, resilience is crucial to sales success. Huberman’s research on intense focus can help you maintain determination and persistence in pursuing opportunities while staying goal-oriented.

    • Establishing strong connections and building rapport with leads and clients is critical to maintaining relationships. Mindfulness techniques can enable you to actively listen and enhance your understanding of their pain points in order to promptly address concerns.

    • The demand that sales pros face can be straining, with monthly and year-end quotas to hit. Understanding Huberman’s focus on rest and the impact it has on the brain can help you optimize your schedules to prevent exhaustion and maintain mental clarity to help meet and exceed your sales goals. 


As professionals in the tech industry facing fast-paced days, embracing some of these perspectives can help you make decisions more effectively, improve your creativity, optimize your performance and well-being which can ultimately lead to a competitive advantage.

Ready to integrate the power of productivity, focus, and mindfulness into your life and work? Register for INBOUND to join his session “Fueling Focus and Creativity” for actionable tactics and tips.