How AI is Changing the Growth Marketing Landscape

How AI is Changing the Growth Marketing Landscape

AI hasn’t just entered the chat — it’s owning the conversation. Disrupting the marketing game, it’s completely transforming how brands and teams are approaching growth, efficiency, and customer interaction. Although it can be a game-changer for growth marketers, AI is not without its limitations. Read on for insights from industry experts at HubSpot and see where AI will be making major impacts. 

Automation and Efficiency

Working smarter, not harder has been a team rallying cry for quite some time, but AI gives productivity a whole new meaning. Now more than ever before, repetitive tasks can be streamlined, giving back valuable time for growth marketers to focus on creative and strategic projects. 

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Not only can AI place day-to-day tasks on auto-pilot, it can also find the best times to schedule posts, optimize the types of content that are being created, and use machine learning to provide top-notch customer service. 

Although these tools can make the lives of marketers and creatives a little easier, it’s still important to remember that at the end of the day, they are tools. “Tools can speed up your workflow but you have to know what you're trying to do, and give clear direction,” says Matthew Watkins, Creative Director at HubSpot. 

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Data-Driven Decision Making
Marketing without data is like…every catastrophic analogy you’ve ever heard of. Luckily, growth marketers benefit from a wealth of analytics at their fingertips — and AI ups the ante. By recognizing patterns and identifying untapped opportunities, it can provide teams the right data at the right time to capture the right demand. Highly-targeted campaigns and optimized customer journeys can be created, giving businesses an edge.

By having a deeper understanding of their audience, marketers can build more effective strategies and A/B testing approaches (think tests on landing page optimization, ad copy and design, email subject lines, multichannel tests and more). The results? Further refined messaging that can enhance customer engagement and conversion rates. 

With the help of AI, marketers can dig even deeper to better anticipate future trends, uncover customer behavior, and create proactive growth strategies.

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Personalization At Scale
There are two phrases that should never be in the same sentence: marketing and one-size-fits-all. In a content-driven world, audiences crave customization. And that means it’s more important than ever for marketers and brands to speak directly to customers in order to help solve their specific problems. AI can help scale that process. 

Algorithms can analyze vast swaths of data to hone in on individual preferences, behaviors, and purchase histories. Which means businesses can better serve personalized content and product recommendations. With this deeper level of understanding, customers receive more relevant content that they’re more likely to engage with and in turn, brands can build stronger affinity and loyalty. 

We’re calling it the 5th P of marketing — personalization is essential to delivering the right content to the right audience. And with the help of AI, companies can go even further in achieving that. 

Marketing in an AI World
While everyone seems to be in their AI era, it’s also important to remember that not only is AI changing how brands interact with customers, it’s changing how customers interact with brands. 

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By identifying and building communities that benefit customers, brands can reinforce deeper connections with them while addressing the shifting rules of engagement. “Companies that can create highly-valuable communities for their prospects and customers will have stronger relationships with them (and more first-party data),” says Evan Hamilton, Director of Community at HubSpot. 

How else can marketers succeed with AI? “The folks that stay on top of the tools and can marry them to their vision will be the most sought after creatives,” Watkins adds. 

AI is pushing the boundaries of how growth marketers approach their work. Productivity, hyper-personalization, and efficiency plays pave the way for a new age of customer acquisition and engagement. But it's just as important to remember that while AI continues to power teams to new levels, there are always considerations and limitations to be mindful of when using evolving technology.