Get More Done By Doing Less: Top AI Tools for Marketing & Sales Teams

Get More Done By Doing Less: Top AI Tools for Marketing & Sales Teams

AI — it’s giving productivity. For those who have been skeptical, it’s time to embrace the plethora of generative tools as a mechanism for increased effectiveness. Yes, platforms like ChatGPT and are probably top of mind when someone mentions “AI” and “marketing” in the same sentence, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole world of apps that aim to help marketing and sales teams work more efficiently and effectively. In fact, 61% of marketers have already employed AI into their marketing operations. We’re completely onboard with putting AI to work for the sake of our productivity — let the machines earn their keep.


We Hear You Loud and Clear

Picture this, you decide to spend the day working outside at your favorite cafe. Cue, the sound of cars honking, sidewalk commotion, and chatter from your fellow cafe patrons just as you’re about to hop on a call. Enter, Krisp. With background voice cancellation, noise cancellation, and echo cancellation, the app eliminates distractions and can even remove noises that are coming from other call participants. The result? Disruptive-free meetings and calls that are more streamlined and productive. Another time saver tip? Add in the app’s automatic meeting transcription to generate a complete meeting summary instead of splitting your focus by taking live notes. 


Put Your SEO on Autopilot

Cut down on time spent researching keywords and optimize your search campaigns with tools like Keyword Insights. An all-in-one solution, take advantage of the AI features that analyze keywords, quickly clusters keywords, and pinpoint search intent. All of this is outlined in a brief that can be shared with applicable team members for quick action. Outsource the heavy lifting to accelerate your content marketing efforts. 


Talk Data to Me

If integrating data with design to create visually appealing presentations, slide decks, and reports is not your forte, apps like STORYD are here to lend an AI helping hand. Instead of working from scratch, free up your time by tasking out your presentation building. Choose from a starter template broken down by industry, or build your own by adding in a few quick details and data points. STORYD will transform your script into customizable slides with an integrated narrative — quickly turning your prompt into a professional presentation that can easily be digested and shared with stakeholders. 


Animation Made Easy

Looking for a quick way to design eye-catching visuals? AI powered tools like Synthesia and Runway are perfect for creating engaging videos, sales tutorials, client demos, and more in just a few quick clicks. Runway can help you generate images and video from text, redesign and reimagine existing images (like changing backgrounds, textures, colors and more), and edit videos in-depth (like removing specific objects), so you can customize everything from marketing presentation elements to promotional videos. With the ability to create a “digital human,” Synthesia unlocks a whole new world of sales training and resources – you can even turn yourself into an avatar to incorporate into videos. Save time and budget on outsourcing video production and easily personalize videos to fit your business needs. 


Today, there are so many use cases for AI to help automate tasks, streamline processes, and provide a higher level of personalization. For those who have been hesitant to jump onboard, consider this your sign to embrace AI.

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