3 Areas Where Automation and AI Can Boost Sales  Productivity

3 Areas Where Automation and AI Can Boost Sales Productivity

The future of sales is looking … automated. We know how that sounds, but we promise it’s a good thing. Less than 40% of sales teams are implementing AI into their processes, leaving plenty of room for growth. From scheduling assistants to sales training applications, discover how AI and automation can streamline processes, improve effectiveness, and support your sales team. Think of these tools as another employee, except they work instantaneously and tackle all of the tasks that are bogging down your time — time that could be spent connecting more deeply with your customers to drive conversions. 

Here are a few areas where AI can help fill in the gaps and some recommendations for tools to add to your Sales Stack: 


Cut Back on Repetitive Administrative Work

From inbox management to calendar scheduling, there’s an AI tool for that. Reduce the number of email chains and unnecessary messages trying to pinpoint optimal times for high value meetings with platforms that do it all for you. Some tools can even take data to form patterns and adjust your calendar accordingly based on preferences.   

Automate contact management and email outreach to send personalized communications at scale and free up valuable time that can instead be spent building meaningful relationships.  


Focus Your Attention Where it Matters

Whether it’s a team meeting or a customer call, don’t let important details slip through the cracks. Notes and recordings are essential to driving actionable results from calls, so let AI handle it. From note-taking and meeting summaries to live transcripts and call recordings, you’ll have all the essential intel to analyze conversations that can propel your team’s effectiveness.  

Maximize Potential 

Use AI as a way to train up your team to unlock higher growth. Coach your team to build better email and outreach strategies, record and replay sales calls to learn what tactics are top performing to replicate, or even train AI to do the selling for you with a focus on website conversions.  

Ready to make AI work for you? It’s time to embrace the new age of tech and we’re here for it. 

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