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12 things to do to make your weekend feel like a weekend

Published on April 17, 2020


Social distancing and a pause on large gatherings for now, means that places we’d typically flock to on weekends, such as movie theaters, restaurants, bars, stores and many of our other favorite activities are off-limits.  If your week has already consisted of running out of what to watch on Netflix and countless walks to the fridge, it’s time to get ready for the weekend. 


You’re not alone in how you’re feeling (we’re here for you) and it’s perfectly okay to seek something beyond what you’ve become accustomed to, during The New Normal. Whether you’re craving something new and exciting to do, or something to pass the time, we’ve created a list of 12 recommendations to make your weekend feel like the weekend. 



Take some time to find a new creative outlet. Get lost in making something--whether it be painting, drawing, or music. Most importantly, be patient. There are no due dates for this one. Just try one thing; if it doesn’t stick, move on to the next. Here are a few ways to get you started:

  • Udemy is currently offering 129 free painting courses, in addition to hundreds of courses in other categories.
  • Disney’s YouTube Channel has released a playlist containing over 40 How-To-Draw videos for different Disney Characters.
  • Endless has created an app for musicians to collaborate with friends and other artists while social-distancing.



As many online courses have become available online for free, you can now level up in any topic you find interesting. From Ivy League to quick sessions, here are some great options to check out:

  • Harvard University is currently offering a TON of free courses. 
  • Kadenze offers courses in music theory, graphic design, design synthesizer sounds, and much more for free to cater to the creative soul.
  • Coursera is currently offering Yale University’s most popular course for free.



All this WFH-ing can really lower the amount of exercise you’re getting since you’re no longer running from one meeting room to another or to the coffee machine at the other side of your floor. And if you’re starting to feel a little groggier and/or more irritable than usual, there’s scientific proof that a little exercise can go a long way in boosting mental health and a laundry list of other positive benefits. If you were a regular yoga or spin class enthusiast, here are a few free online classes being offered to get you up and moving: 

  • Peloton is currently offering a free 90 trial (no credit card needed) and there are a bunch of different types of classes offered (both outdoor and indoor, no equipment needed). 
  • ClassPass has 4,000 free videos and livestream options that range from yoga, strength training, and HIIT at-home workouts.
  • Nike Training Club is now offering premium content (over 185 workout sessions including running, strength training, and yoga) indefinitely. 



For a new way of learning, the following museums are offering free virtual tours of their exhibits. 


Trust the process. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby or interest but the most important thing is do something that ultimately brings you joy. 

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