OCTOBER 12-14, 2021 | ONLINE


Picture of Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Global Media Leader

Picture of Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan

Co-Founder and CEO, HubSpot

Picture of Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah

Co-Founder and CTO, HubSpot

Picture of Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj

Host and Creator, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Picture of Judith Heumann

Judith Heumann

Disability Rights Activist and Author

Picture of Sarah Paiji Yoo

Sarah Paiji Yoo

Co-Founder and CEO, Blueland

Picture of Tim Stokely

Tim Stokely

Founder and CEO, OnlyFans

Picture of Tristan Walker

Tristan Walker

Founder and CEO, Walker & Company Brands

Picture of Michelle Zatlyn

Michelle Zatlyn

Co-Founder, President and COO, Cloudflare

Picture of Kelly Watkins

Kelly Watkins

CEO, Abstract

Picture of Don McGuire

Don McGuire

Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Picture of Yamini Rangan

Yamini Rangan

Chief Customer Officer, HubSpot

Picture of Adriano Brito

Adriano Brito

Sr. Business System Analyst, Rock Content

Picture of Afiya Addison

Afiya Addison

Global Program Manager, LinkedIn

Picture of AJ Wilcox

AJ Wilcox

CEO B2Linked.com, Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show

Picture of Alex Moore

Alex Moore

Senior Partner, Marketing and Technology, Stratagon Inc.

Picture of Alisa Smith

Alisa Smith

Accessibility Evangelist, AudioEye, Inc.

Picture of Allen Falcon

Allen Falcon

CEO, Cumulus Global

Picture of Aly Hammonds

Aly Hammonds

Americas Product Lead, Advanced Measurement, Google

Picture of Amanda Bagley

Amanda Bagley

Growth Manager, Chili Piper

Picture of Amanda Green

Amanda Green

Agency and Channel Education Lead, LinkedIn

Picture of Amit Kulkarni

Amit Kulkarni

Co-Founder and CEO, Heymarket

Picture of Amita Balla

Amita Balla

Regional Director of Sales, West Coast, Crunch Fitness

Picture of Amy Hayward

Amy Hayward

Digital Marketing Manager, Cayman Islands Government

Picture of Andrea Belk Olson

Andrea Belk Olson

Behavioral Scientist, Pragmadik and University of Iowa

Picture of Andrew Hong

Andrew Hong

Co-Founder and CEO, Tobe Agency

Picture of Anthony Kennada

Anthony Kennada

CMO, Hopin

Picture of Ashley Faus

Ashley Faus

Content Strategy Lead, Atlassian

Picture of Bill Bartlett

Bill Bartlett

Head of Sandler's Sales Management

Picture of Caitlin Clark-Zigmond

Caitlin Clark-Zigmond

Director, Global Demand Center and Mid-Market Marketing, Intuit

Picture of Carly Potock

Carly Potock

Co-Founder and CEO, Canvas+Co

Picture of Carole Mahoney

Carole Mahoney

Founder, Unbound Growth

Picture of Carolina Samsing

Carolina Samsing

Chief Revenue Officer, Nubox

Picture of Charlene Tassinari

Charlene Tassinari

Co-Founder and CEO, Canvas+Co

Picture of Chris Barnett

Chris Barnett

Founder, Barnett Strategies

Picture of Chris Timol

Chris Timol

President and Chief Operating Officer, PuzzleHR

Picture of Connor Jeffers

Connor Jeffers

CEO and Solutions Architect , Aptitude 8

Picture of Courtney Sembler

Courtney Sembler

Senior Manager, HubSpot Academy

Picture of Dale Bertrand

Dale Bertrand

President, Fire&Spark

Picture of Dani Buckley

Dani Buckley

Vice President and General Manager, LeadG2 by The Center for Sales Strategy

Picture of Devin Reed

Devin Reed

Head of Content Strategy, Gong

Picture of Devon Watts

Devon Watts

Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing, RollWorks

Picture of Diana Zalaquett

Diana Zalaquett

Principal Channel Account Consultant, HubSpot

Picture of Efua Obeng, Ph.D.

Efua Obeng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Acting Department Chair of Marketing, Howard University

Picture of Eric Keiles

Eric Keiles

Chief Marketing Officer, Square 2 Marketing

Picture of Eric M. Bailey

Eric M. Bailey

President, Bailey Strategic Innovation Group

Picture of Franco Valentino

Franco Valentino

CEO/Founder, Narrative SEO

Picture of Gem Rugg-Gunn

Gem Rugg-Gunn

HubSpot Platform Consultant, BabelQuest

Picture of Genein Letford, M.Ed

Genein Letford, M.Ed

Chief Creative Officer, InterCreative Strategies, LLC

Picture of George B. Thomas

George B. Thomas

Inbound Evangelist, Impulse Creative

Picture of Gogi Gupta

Gogi Gupta

Founder and CEO, Gupta Media

Picture of Haley Irwin

Haley Irwin

Director of Digital & Marketing Technology, Crunch Fitness

Picture of Jay Schwedelson

Jay Schwedelson

Founder, SubjectLine.com & CEO, Worldata

Picture of Jeff Ernst

Jeff Ernst

Co-Founder and CEO, SlapFive

Picture of Jen Spencer

Jen Spencer

Chief Revenue Officer, SmartBug Media

Picture of Jerrod Hill

Jerrod Hill

Senior Business Development Manager, Venture Capital, Amazon Web Services

Picture of Jodi Cerratani

Jodi Cerratani

Sr. Director of Demand Generation, RollWorks

Picture of Jon Lombardo

Jon Lombardo

Global Lead, B2B Institute, LinkedIn

Picture of Jonathan Kazarian

Jonathan Kazarian

CEO and Founder, Accelevents

Picture of Jorie Munroe

Jorie Munroe

Senior Inbound Professor, HubSpot

Picture of Joshua Curcio

Joshua Curcio

COO and Partner, protocol 80, Inc.

Picture of João Dobbin

João Dobbin

Sr. Manager of Business Operations, Rock Content

Picture of Juli Durante

Juli Durante

Director of RevOps Services, Impulse Creative

Picture of Justin Keller

Justin Keller

VP of Marketing, Terminus

Picture of Kaitlin Bellay

Kaitlin Bellay

Head of Channel Marketing, LinkedIn

Picture of Karin Krisher

Karin Krisher

Sr. Growth Strategist, New Breed

Picture of Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas

Agency Consultant, Sakas & Company

Picture of Kasim Aslam

Kasim Aslam

Founder and CEO, Solutions 8

Picture of Ken

Ken "Magma" Marshall

Chief Growth Officer and Managing Partner, RevenueZen

Picture of Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig

Director of SEO, Shopify

Picture of Kim Orlesky

Kim Orlesky

CEO, KO Advantage Group Ltd.

Picture of Kyle Jepson

Kyle Jepson

Inbound Professor, HubSpot

Picture of Lindsay Rothlisberger

Lindsay Rothlisberger

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations and Email , Zapier

Picture of Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson

Founder and CEO, Score More Sales and Women Sales Pros

Picture of Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe

CEO, House of Revenue

Picture of Michaela Alexis

Michaela Alexis

LinkedIn Trainer and LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Picture of Mike K. Tatum

Mike K. Tatum

Demand Generation Manager, SurveyMonkey

Picture of MK Getler

MK Getler

Head of Marketing, Alyce

Picture of Modupé Congleton

Modupé Congleton

Head of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, Sales and Marketing, Amazon Web Services

Picture of Molly Gilson

Molly Gilson

Customer Support Manager, HubSpot

Picture of Nancy Harhut

Nancy Harhut

Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing

Picture of Nate Gilmore

Nate Gilmore

Chief Revenue Officer, PandaDoc

Picture of Neha Chadha

Neha Chadha

Vice President, Cross-Media Solutions, Google

Picture of Nikki Sherin

Nikki Sherin

Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Events, VMware

Picture of Peter Weinberg

Peter Weinberg

Head Of Development, B2B Institute at LinkedIn

Picture of Randi Barshack

Randi Barshack

Chief Marketing Officer, RollWorks

Picture of Roberto Ortiz

Roberto Ortiz

Co-founder and CEO, Welcome

Picture of Ross Fulton

Ross Fulton

Founder and CEO, Valuize

Picture of Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Terminus

Picture of Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison

Sr. Director, Business Development, DocuSign

Picture of Scott Wilder

Scott Wilder

Director of Customer Engagement and Community, HubSpot

Picture of Seth Waite

Seth Waite

CXO, United Van Lines & Mayflower Transit

Picture of Steph Nissen

Steph Nissen

Chief Revenue Officer, Atomic Revenue

Picture of Steve Cornwell

Steve Cornwell

Founder and CEO, Northpass

Picture of Tamsen Webster

Tamsen Webster

Founder and Chief Message Strategist, Find the Red Thread

Picture of Tiphaine Amblard

Tiphaine Amblard

Inbound Professor, HubSpot

Picture of Tony Verre

Tony Verre

VP of eCommerce, The Integer Group

Picture of Ty Heath

Ty Heath

Director, B2B Institute, LinkedIn

Picture of Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

Chief Video Strategist, Vidyard

Picture of Vipul Shah

Vipul Shah

Board Member, New Breed

Picture of Will Smith

Will Smith

HubSpot Onboarding Specialist, Manobyte

Picture of Yael Miller

Yael Miller

Content Group Manager, monday.com

Picture of Yuvay Meyers Ferguson, Ph.D.

Yuvay Meyers Ferguson, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Impact and Engagement & Associate Professor, Howard University

Picture of Zoe Dayan

Zoe Dayan

Link Building Manager, monday.com