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  • 01 Rachel Botsman is the leading thinker and author on trust in the modern world. By distilling complex ideas into clear and compelling content, she gives us the tools to understand trust – what it means, how it works and why it’s so important for every aspect of our lives.
  • 02 Rachel is the author of two groundbreaking books. “What’s Mine is Yours” (2010) predicted the rise of the “sharing economy” and was subsequently named by TIME as one of the “Ten Ideas That Will Change the World.” Her highly acclaimed work “Who Can You Trust?” (2017) is a profound exploration of how technology is revolutionizing human trust and was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards.
  • 03 Rachel designed and teaches two courses at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and has been a prominent speaker at world-class events for more than a decade.

Rachel Botsman is the leading thinker and author on trust in the modern world. A dynamic and witty storyteller, she is a master at connecting with audiences — opening their minds and stirring them into action. Her three TED talks have been viewed more than 4 million times and delegates consistently rate her as the top keynote speaker at the global events that she attends. Clients have called Rachel “transformational” and “captivating;” her presentations create a buzz that resonates long after the final word.


Tailoring her research to each audience, Rachel has been invited to speak to companies as diverse as Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Dorchester Collection, Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as at conferences such as the Drucker Forum, the World of Business Forum and the World Economic Forum.

She is also an advisor to boards, senior leaders and governments around the world, helping organizations to build trustworthy cultures.


As the go-to voice on trust, Rachel has a strong, insightful and engaging media presence across publications and channels such as The Economist, The Guardian, Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Wired, the BBC and CNN.   


She lives in Oxford with her husband and two children and is passionate about empowering the next generation to make informed decisions about trust in a rapidly changing world.

Books Written by Rachel Botsman

  • 51PAS1lTdkL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_

    What's Mine is Yours

  • 416eZJ+qYOL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_

    Who Can You Trust?

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