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Everett Ackerman

SEO Strategist, New Breed

Rashmi Airan

Keynote Speaker & Consultant, Ethics Integrated, LLC

Brendon Albrizio

VP Customer Success, Crayon

Michaela Alexis

Espresso-Fueled Expert on LinkedIn Personal Branding, Michaela Alexis

Mohamad Ali

President and CEO, Carbonite

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Vice President of Marketing, HubSpot

Darrell Andrews

Motivational Strategist, Consultant, Darrell Andrews Enterprises

Rachel Antonoff

Fashion Designer, Rachel Antonoff

Sam Awezec

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Gail Axelrod

Director of Marketing, OpenView

Brian Bagdasarian

Conversational Growth Strategist, HubSpot

Michael Bartholow

Senior Account Manager, LunaMetrics

Zach Basner

Director of Video Training and Strategy, IMPACT

Brittany Berger

B2B Content Marketing Strategist,

Sophia Bernazzani

Blog Editor, HubSpot

Josh Bernoff

Chief Troublemaker, WOBS LLC

Daniel Bertschi

Principal Sales Engineer, HubSpot

Trish Bertuzzi

CEO, The Bridge Group, Inc.

Sarah Bird

CEO, Moz

Kipp Bodnar

CMO, HubSpot

Chris Bonacci

Vice President of Marketing, Mass. Bay Brewing Company, Inc (Harpoon Brewery)

Amanda Bond

Owner of The Ad Strategist, The Ad Strategist

Karlyn Borysenko

Principal, Zen Workplace

Joy Brandon

Lead SEO Specialist, Nebo Agency

Carly Brantz

VP Revenue Marketing, SendGrid

Francis Brero

Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, MadKudu

Scott Brinker

VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot

Jeanette Bronée

Performance Strategist, Mindful Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author & Founder of Path for Life

Lena Brown

Chief Operations Officer, Dynamic Solutions For Change

Chris Bryant

Creative Director, Empire Studios

Liz Cain

Partner, OpenView

Patrick Campbell

Co-Founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Stephanie Casstevens

Director of Audience Engagement & Community, IMPACT Branding & Design

Bill Cates

President, Referral Coach International

Dana Cavalea

Former Director of Performance of The New York Yankees, The Dana Cavalea Companies

Travis Chambers

Founder and Chief Media Hacker, Chamber Media

Josh Chang

Senior Marketing Manager, Paid Acquisition, HubSpot

Tony Chatman

Corporate Relationship Expert, Chatman Enterprises Inc.

Patrika Alis Cheston

Customer Experience Marketing Manager, Hanzo, Inc.

Brian Childs

Senior Product Manager, Moz

Brittany Chin

Customer Marketing Growth Marketer, HubSpot

Steffen Christensen

CTO & Co-founder, TwentyThree

Nate Ciruolo

Product Manager, HubSpot

Dustin Clark

Digital Marketing Director, Element Three

Kevin Cochrane

Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Customer Experience, SAP

Janet Comenos

Co-Founder & CEO, Spotted

Matt Cooney

VR/AR Product Manager, Fidelity Investments

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni

Educator, Producer and Actor, One Drop of Love

Curt Cronin

CEO, Ridgeline Partners

Anand Dass

Partnerships, Workplace, Facebook

Cambria Davies

Growth Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Shirley Davis

Chief Executive Officer, SDS Global Enterprises, Inc.

Charlene Decesare

Chief Energizing Officer, Charlene Ignites, LLC

Angela Defranco

Product Group Lead, HubSpot

Ryan Deiss

CEO, DigitalMarketer

Will Dekrey

Product Manager, Ads, HubSpot

Melanie Deziel

Brand Storytelling Consultant, Mdeziel Media

Jon Dick

VP of Marketing, HubSpot

Gaetano DiNardi

VP of Marketing, Sales Hacker

Chloe DiVita

Founder, Performance Coach, Perceptive Presence

David Donlan

CRO, Crayon

Kevin Dunn

Senior Inbound Professor on HubSpot Academy, HubSpot

Antoine Dupont

President & CEO, KATAPULT Marketing

Alison Elworthy

VP of Customer Success, HubSpot

Sam Eniojukan

Partner Solutions Architect, Alexa for Business, Amazon Web Services, Amazon

Marc Ensign

The Big Cheese, LoudMouse

Bridgit Antoinette Evans

Executive Director, Pop Culture Collaborative

Emil Everett

President, New Amsterdam

Laurie (Aquilante) Faiola

Director of Customer Marketing, HubSpot

Brian Fanzo

Change Evangelist & Millennial Keynote Speaker, iSocialFanz

Ashley Faus

Sr. Corporate Communications Manager, Atlassian

Channing Ferrer

VP, Sales Strategy and Operations, HubSpot

Rand Fishkin

CEO, Co-Founder, SparkToro

Hannah Fleishman

Inbound Recruiting Manager, HubSpot

David Fletcher

Co-Founder & CEO, Maven Sales Group

Andrea Flynn

Vice President of Global Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability, MAC Cosmetics

Loren Fogelman

Business Success Coach, Business Success Solution

Lisa Fong

SMB Marketing Lead, Pinterest

Eric Forman

Client Solutions Manager, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Bradley Friedman

Director of Client Services, Lucky Orange

Cara Friedman

Director of Content and Community, ClassPass

Ed Fry

Head of Growth, Hull

Strother Gaines

Coach, Speaker, Trainer, But I'm a Unicorn, Dammit!

Stella Garber

Head of Marketing, Trello

Juli Gaudette

Inbound Success Coach - Freemium Services, HubSpot

Upasna Gautam

Manager, SEO, Ziff Davis

Rex Gelb

Principal Marketing Manager, Paid Acquisition, HubSpot

Lisa Gerber

Founder, Big Leap Creative

Sharon Gillenwater

Founder, Boardroom Insiders

Dan Gingiss

Author & Podcaster, Winning At Social

Richard Goring

Director, BrightCarbon

Colin Gray

CEO, The Podcast Host

John Gregory

President, Opencity Inc.

Christine Gritmon

Social Media Strategist, Coach & Entrepreneur, Christine Gritmon Inc.

Victoria Gumaer

Product Manager, HubSpot

Wesley Ter Haar

Founder and COO, MediaMonks

Madison Hajeb

Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, Clearlink

Molly Hayward

Founder, Cora

Ty Heath

Global Lead for Agency and Partner Education, LinkedIn

Ed Heil

CEO/Founder, StoryTeller Media + Communications

Sean Higgins

Entrepreneur in Residence, Techstars

Karen Hinds

Founder & CEO, Workplace Success Group

Adrian Ho

Founding Partner & CEO, Zeus Jones

Matt Hodges

VP of Commercial Product Strategy, Intercom

David Hoffeld

CEO & Chief Sales Trainer, Hoffeld Group

Nicholas Holland

GM of the Marketing Hub, HubSpot

David Hooker

Head of Creative Services and Evangelism, Prezi

Matthew Howells-Barby

Director of Acquisition, HubSpot

Maryna Hradovich

VP of Strategic Growth and Development, SEMrush

Jason Hsiao

Co-Founder & Chief Video Officer, Animoto

Lex Hultquist

Founder & CEO, HQdigital

Sahil Jain

CEO, AdStage

Nicolas Jammet

Co-Founder & Chief Concept Officer, sweetgreen

Jessica Jenson

Director of Products, Platforms, and Insights, Global Business Marketing, Facebook

Whitney Johnson

CEO, WLJ Advisors & Leadership Coach/Speaker

Ben Kaplan

CEO and Founder, PR Hacker


CEO, A Sales Guy

Eric Keiles

Chief Marketing Officer, Square 2 Marketing

Justin Keller

Vice President of Marketing, Sigstr

Nataly Kelly

VP, International Operations and Strategy, HubSpot

Amber Kemmis

Vice President of Client Services, SmartBug Media, Inc.

Dan Kenary

Co-Founder and CEO, Mass. Bay Brewing Company, Inc (Harpoon Brewery)

Carrie Kerpen

CEO, Likeable Media

Erica Keswin

Founder Spaghetti Project, The Spaghetti Project

Emily Ketchen

Regional Head of Marketing Services and Personal Systems Marketing for the Americas, HP Inc.

David Khim

Growth Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Nadya Khoja

Head of Marketing, Venngage Infographics

Larry Kim

CEO, MobileMonkey, Inc.

Crystal King

Social Media Professor, HubSpot

Eva Klein

Vice President of Customer Success, HubSpot

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Chief Storyteller, Author, Speaker, Keeping it Human

Karin Krisher

Content Lead, New Breed Marketing

Dave Kurlan

CEO, Objective Management Group

Carolyn Kylstra

Editor in Chief, SELF

Janessa Lantz

Senior Manager, Marketing, HubSpot

Danielle Lee

VP, Global Head of Partner Solutions, Spotify

Rachel Leist

Director of Marketing, HubSpot

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing, Vidyard

Mike Lieberman

CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist, Square 2 Marketing

Emily Liu

Founder, Soar To Greatness Now LLC

Sandra Long

President, Post Road Consulting LLC

Gray MacKenzie

Co-Founder, DoInbound

Frank Maguire

Head of Market Development, Sharethrough

Carole Mahoney

Founder, Unbound Growth

Jeffrey Manu

Chief Executive Officer, Manu Equity

Ed Marsh

Founder, Consilium Global Business Advisors, LLC

Allen Martinez

Founder, Noble Digital

Mario Martinez Jr.

CEO, Founder and Digital Sales Evangelist, Vengreso

Anna-Vija McClain

President/Founder, Piccolo Marketing

Ant McGinley

Creative Director, Abrupt Audio

Bridgett McGowen


Lisa McLeod

President, McLeod & More

David Meerman Scott

Marketing and Sales Strategist, Freshspot Marketing LLC

Mikita Mikado

CEO, PandaDoc

Victor Milligan

Chief Marketing Officer, Forrester

Jennifer Montague

Global Marketing Campaigns Manager, Planday

Emily Morgan

Principal Customer Training Specialist, HubSpot

Dorien Morin-van Dam

Social Media Consultant, More In Media

Susannah Morris

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, HubSpot

Dennis Mortensen

CEO, Co-Founder,

Janet Murray

Founder, Murray

Midori Nediger

Design Evangelist, Venngage

Rob Nelson


Kenny Nguyen

CEO, ThreeSixtyEight

Irina Nica

Senior Content Strategist, HubSpot

Amanda Nielsen

Demand Generation Marketer, New Breed

Christopher O'Donnell

VP of Product, HubSpot

Loree O'Sullivan

Content Marketer, Fabricut, Inc.

Lou Orfanos

General Manager & VP Product, HubSpot

Kim Orlesky

The Leading Sales Coach, KO Advantage Group

Lars Osterberg

Product Manager, HubSpot

Kit Pang

Founder, BostonSpeaks

Gabriela Pereira

Founder, DIY MFA

Anna Perko

Senior Product Manager, Reporting & Analytics, HubSpot

Anna Perko

Senior Product Manager, Reporting & Analytics, HubSpot

Isaiah Pickens

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, iOpening Enterprises

Mike Piddock

Founder, Glisser

Lisa Pierson

Conversion Copywriter, The Conversion Copywriter

Adam Piotrowski

Head of SEO, Content and Social, RentPath

Andy Pitre

VP of Product, HubSpot

Doug Platts

VP Marketing, Dialexa

Katerina Potter

Mobile Specialist, Google

JD Prater

Director of Growth, Beautiful.AI

Jason Price

President & Founder, Covideo

Nathan Rawlins

Chief Marketing Officer, Lucidchart

Kelsey Raymond

President and Co-founder, Influence & Co.

Michael Redbord

Vice President and General Manager, Service Hub, HubSpot

Shay Redmond

Product Manager, HubSpot

Nancy Riley

General Manager, Platform - HubSpot Product Team, HubSpot

Katie Robbert

Co-Founder and CEO, BrainTrust Insights

Kali Roberge

Founder, Creative Advisor Marketing

Tara Robertson

Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations, Sprout Social

Paul Roetzer

CEO, PR 20/20

Nathaniel Ru

Co-Founder & Chief Concept Officer, sweetgreen

Daniel Russell

COO, Go Fish Digital

Liz Ryan

President, Chicago, Mojo Media Labs

Dani Rylan

Co-founder and Commissioner, National Women's Hockey League

Susanne Rönnqvist Ahmadi

VP, International Marketing, HubSpot

Karl Sakas

Agency Consultant, Sakas & Company

Nick Salvatoriello

Principal Inbound Strategist, Nick Sal Inbound

Dylan Sellberg

Product Manager, HubSpot

Aditya Shah

Premier Inbound Consultant, HubSpot

Marcus Sheridan

Keynote Speaker, Author, Owner at IMPACT, Marcus Sheridan International / IMPACT

JD Sherman

President and Chief Operating Officer, HubSpot

Ayat Shukairy

Co-Founder Managing Partner, Invesp

Cara Silletto

Owner and Chief Retention Officer, Crescendo Strategies

Charles Silver

CEO, Algebraix

Dan Silvert

President, Velocity Advisory Group

Carmen Simon

Cognitive Neuroscientist, Memzy

Marc Simons

Co-Founder, Giant Spoon

Amanda Slavin

CEO and Founder, CatalystCreativ

Jamie Sloan

Director of Marketing Operations and Automation, InVision

Mari Smith

Top Social Media Influencer, Speaker, Author, Mari Smith International

Donna Smith Bellinger

Sales and Revenue Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author, Donna Smith Bellinger, Business Revenue Accelerator

Aleyda Solis

International SEO Consultant, Orainti

Brian Solis

Digital Analyst, Futurist,

Ana Sordo

Content Acquisition Senior Manager for Latin America & Iberia, HubSpot

Jen Spencer

VP, Sales and Marketing

Kevin Steinberg

Founder & CEO, Ascent Leadership Networks, LLC

Karyn Stonis

VP of Business Operations, HubSpot

Karan Talwar

India Sales and Strategy, HubSpot

Andrew Tarvin

CEO Founder, Humor That Works

Bruce Temkin

Customer Experience Transformist & Managing Partner, Temkin Group

George Thomas

Inbound Evangelist, Impulse Creative

Corey Thomas

President and CEO, Rapid7

Dara Treseder

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Ventures

Winston Tuggle

HR Business Partner, HubSpot

Anne Twombly

User Success Coach, HubSpot

Madison Utendahl

Head of Content & Social, Museum of Ice Cream

Sangram Vajre

Author and Chief Evangelist & Co-founder, Terminus

Pamela Vaughan

Principal Marketing Manager, Website CRO & Copywriting, HubSpot

Saleema Vellani

Co-Founder & COO, Innovazing

Alexia Vernon

President, Alexia Vernon Empowerment

Purna Virji

Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Microsoft

Jeffrey Vocell

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, HubSpot

Viveka von Rosen

Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Officer, Vengreso

Sophie Wade

Workforce Innovation Specialist, Flexcel Network

Katie-Rose Wagner

Founding Dentist, Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry

Dan Waldschmidt

President & Chief Antagonist, The EDGY Empire

Flora Wang

Sales Engineer, HubSpot

Marc Wayshak

CEO, Marc Wayshak Sales Research & Insights

Alexandra Weiss

SVP of Marketing, Glossier

Doug Weiss

Product Partnerships Team Manager, Offline Lead, Facebook

Whitney White

Founder/Owner, Naptural85, LLC

AJ Wilcox

LinkedIn Advertising Consultant/Evangelist,

Brian Williams

CEO, Perspectivity Consulting

Alex Williamson

Chief Brand Officer, Bumble

Dominic Woodman

Senior Consultant, Distillled

Nick Worth

Author and CMO, Selligent Marketing Cloud

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