Beth Comstock

Former Vice Chair, GE


Why Beth is INBOUND

Beth's impressive run as Vice Chair at one of the world's biggest companies, GE, has solidified her place as one of the most highly regarded and innovative businesspeople across multiple industries ranging from media to health, energy, manufacturing, transportation, finance, and software. Her belief and policy that change starts with the individual and that organization change programs need to focus on personal agency has had a lasting impact on GE and strengthened its foundation with new and exciting approaches to conducting business. 

About Beth

Beth Comstock navigates change. She prepares for it, inspires it, and considers it an essential part of the growth of both individuals and organizations. For Beth, organizational change starts with the self. Before she ever lead the transformation of a team or corporation, she learned to rely on her natural curiosity to provoke growth within herself.

She infused her life and work with the habit of discovery, of ideas, places, people even during times of discomfort. She continues her quest for evolution having recently stepped down from her position as Vice Chair of GE, the first woman ever to hold the post, and now exploring a path as an author, instigator, and connector.

Over nearly two decades at GE, she led efforts to accelerate new growth and innovation, helping to transform a process-heavy, top down culture to a faster, agile, and inventive one. Beth initiated GE’s digital and clean-energy transformations, developed new businesses, increased GE’s brand value and sales, and partnered to enhance its inventive culture. She led the creation of Current, an intelligent environments business, GE Ventures & Licensing, FastWorks, ecomagination and healthymagination, and oversaw GE Lighting. She was responsible for the sales, marketing and communications functions, and was the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer in 20 years.

As President of Integrated Media at NBC Universal, Beth oversaw ad revenue and the company’s digital efforts, including early development of She held a succession of marketing and communications roles at GE, NBC, CBS and Turner Broadcasting/CNN.

Beth is a director at Nike and trustee of The National Geographic Society. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in biology. Her first book, Imagine It Forward, offers lessons from a life of continual transformation, using stories both personal and professional to inspire others to embrace our rapidly changing world. It will be published September 18, 2018 by Currency, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

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