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Anjali Sud

CEO, Vimeo


Why Anjali is INBOUND

After a nearly yearlong search, Vimeo announced in July 2017 that their Head of Marketing, Anjali Sud, would be CEO of the IAC-owned brand. In true INBOUND fashion, Anjali immediately put forth an ambitious plan to shift Vimeo's focus to the creator side, providing individuals and businesses the tools to distribute and monetize their work anywhere without the burden of advertising dollars driving their content. Her focus has empowered the Vimeo community as the platform continues to grow as a leading software as a service entity.

About Anjali

Anjali Sud is CEO of Vimeo, the world’s largest ad-free online video platform. Anjali leads a global team of over 400 individuals dedicated to empowering creators with the tools, technology and community to tell their stories. Anjali previously served as General Manager and Head of Marketing at Vimeo, where she oversaw the growth of over 80 million video creators, filmmakers and brands using the platform to upload and share their work. Before joining Vimeo, Anjali held various positions in e-commerce, finance and media at Amazon and Time Warner.

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