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Mobile Conversion Strategies: Tim Ash [Ideas & Experiences]

Posted by Laura @Pistachio Fitton on 10/12/15 12:00 PM

 Tim_AshThe "year of mobile" has already happened, and you are late to the party. In the rush to catch up, you have probably retrofitted "mobileness" belatedly onto some of your desktop experiences. Unfortunately this approach will most likely fail. Understand the pitfalls of going mobile, and why it is a fundamentally different proposition than a desktop user-experience. You will learn a number of important perspectives on creating a compelling mobile conversion strategy: Why context (not content) is king; How multi-screening is changing where we connect with consumers; The real mobile "killer app"; The unfairness of measuring direct mobile conversion rates; Why "responsive lite" websites are not helpful; How to design the correct calls-to-action for mobile






About our speaker

Tim Ash is the author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, and CEO of SiteTuners (a firm that improves website conversion rate via conversion-focused redesign blueprints, landing page testing, and training of internal optimization teams). In the mid-1990s he became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization. Over the past 19 years, Tim has helped a number of major US and international brands to develop successful web-based initiatives. Companies like Sears, Google, Expedia, eHarmony, Canon, Nestle, Symantec, Intuit, Yahoo! and many others have benefited from Tim's innovative perspective. Tim is a highly-regarded keynote speaker and presenter at industry conferences worldwide. He is the founder and chairperson of Conversion Conference and a frequent contributor to print and online publications such as ClickZ, and Website Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter at @Tim_Ash.

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