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More #INBOUND15 Speakers as Introduced by Other #INBOUND15 Speakers

Posted by Laura @Pistachio Fitton on 6/12/15 2:10 PM

Towards the end of May we ran a really fun post on HubSpot's Marketing Blog where INBOUND 2015 speakers introduced one other in pithy, sometimes, funny, 100 word blurbs. We had so much fun putting these together that we decided to make it a regular series here on INBOUND, the Blog.

Without further ado, here is our next installment, entailing words by and about many of the remarkable people you will get to see live if you come to INBOUND September 8-11 in Boston. Check out these 15 introductions, and Tweet to let us know which one's your favorite. (Registered attendees can click here to build your INBOUND schedule).

Dan Pink: You Will Hate Dan Pink

By Mitch Joel, Mirum Agency                 (Tweet this)


Dan Pink will give you a great reason to hate Dan Pink. No, that’s not mean. It’s a compliment. He’s smart. Super smart. It’s not just that he’s smart, he’s able to take the topics of business that are interesting to him, make them super-relevant in today’s cluttered and muddled world, and spin them in a fresh way that is both enlightening and useful. And, if it’s not enough that he’s able to do this in multiple bestselling books, he’s also one of the most enjoyable and educational speakers out there as well. Big brain, awesome writer and equally impressive speaker. Told you… total reason to hate him! ; )  

Sophia Amoruso: Whipsmart, Savvy, Stylish

By Justine Musk, Author                 (Tweet this)

SOPHIA_AMORUSO_Photo_2"Whipsmart, savvy, with an eye for stylish detail, Sophia Amoruso is a business artist who leans in to her own killer instincts.  Through the creation of her brand Nasty Gal + her rise from teen rebel to badass CEO, Sophia was reinventing the fairy tale for the 21st century while her peers were pledging sororities and applying to MBA programs.  Buy her book, read her book, then give it to a young woman you know, for Sophia’s rags-to-Prada story doesn’t just tell how she made her own way, but inspires other young women to make theirs."

David Meerman Scott: Worldwide Waves 

By Gustavo Reis, Mathematica EtCetera                 (Tweet this)

David_Meerman_Scott_1“Back in 2008, when I decided to open up a Math school in southern Brazil, nobody within the local business landscape talked about David Meerman Scott. In fact, I was the only exception. Advice from his book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” has been used over and over to justify our marketing decisions. Now move ahead 7 years: the school is known all over the country thanks to our content-focused strategy, and Mr. Scott and I are both listed as speakers at INBOUND 2015. An experienced strategist, talented speaker and proven visionary: what an honor!”

Mitch Joel: Actionable Futurist

By Ann Handley, MarketingProfs                 (Tweet this)

mitchjoel-896046-edited"Writing a bio for Mitch Joel is harder than I originally anticipated, when I said yes to this job. 

Let's start with the facts: Mitch is an author, speaker, and marketing executive. 

But more than that, he's also a deep and unique thinker whose insights are a rare combination of actionable and innovative. 

His curiosity about our world and his perceptive mind make him one of marketing's most original thought leaders. Is "Actionable Futurist" a thing? That's what Mitch feels like. And he's on my short list of those I read and follow consistently.

Wow this sounds like I'm trying to flatter the guy, doesn't it? 

But truly I'm not. I'm just telling it straight, which is I guess all I really needed to do when I sat down to write his bio. Because Mitch is the real deal as a professional. He's also a dedicated dad to a few, friend to many, and one of the dearest members of my posse."

Alexis Ohanian: Compassionate, Rule-breaker, Innovator

By Shama Hyder, MarketingZen                 (Tweet this)

Alexis_Ohanian-HEADSHOT_to_use-134213-edited"Alexis marches to the beat of his own drummer – and we are all better off for it. His ideas, his work, and his philanthropy are nothing short of spectacular. Most importantly, Alexis serves as a beacon for others – inspiring them to aim higher, build their own communities, and create their own version of “awesome sauce.” On stage – he is consistently funny, sometimes irreverent, and always thought provoking." 

Cameron Herold: Helping You Realize Your Dreams

By Gini Dietrich, Arment Dietrich                 (Tweet this)

Cameron_Head_Set-978334-edited"Spend a couple of hours with Cameron Herold and you will be ready to quit your job, start a business, and grow it more quickly than humanly possible. Not only does he want us to encourage our kids to be entrepreneurs, he wants you to take charge of your own destiny by doing what you are meant to do.

The author of Double Double and coach to high-growth potential entrepreneurs, Cameron will have you well on your way to realizing your dreams before you fully know what you are doing."

Gini Dietrich: Why I am a Speaker

By Amy Schmittauer, SavvySexySocial                  (Tweet this)

gini-dietrich-392207-edited"Gini Dietrich is one of the reasons why I am a speaker today. I witnessed her keynote for the first time in my hometown of Columbus where she emulated everything you could hope for in a professional motivating a room full of marketers: class, experience, a great story and the drive of a resilient business owner who gets it done. There is nothing more exciting than that! Gini is an empowering woman in this space and you'll know it too as soon as she picks up the mic.

Anil Dash: Brave, Brilliant, and Role-Model

By Tara Hunt, totem                 (Tweet this)

9133561143_5c7cb5dfa3_m"If everyone in the world listened to Anil Dash, it would be a better place. I've been following him since he was at Six Apart. I've always been blown away by his self-aware honesty. Any time he takes a stand on something, you know you should listen. He's also one of the bravest human beings I've ever encountered. He's put himself in the line of fire where it matters over and over again, often for issues that don't directly affect him (women, GLBT, etc). I'm a huge fan and really looking forward to seeing him speak again!

Gustavo Reis: Born to Teach

By Nataly Kelly, HubSpot                 (Tweet this)

Gustavo_Reis_by_Fernando_Hiro_2-307648-edited-322509-edited"Most people don’t associate the words “gratitude" and “generosity” with mathematics. Of course, most people are not Gustavo Reis. Who else would leave a glamorous job in corporate America to go back to Brazil and become the founder of a math school? Gustavo’s approach to teaching, which focuses on building solid partnerships between teachers and students, draws on these two simple but important concepts. Gustavo is a passionate entrepreneur, a respected mentor, and he delivered one of the most popular TED talks in Latin America. Simply put, he practices what he teaches."

David Berkowitz: Serial Marketer (Not Killer)

By Aaron Strout, WCG                 (Tweet this)

davidberkowitz"David Berkowitz, CMO of MRY, is someone that has lived in the world of digital longer than many of us. He was an early adopter on many of today's social platforms and one of the top marketing bloggers when blogging was still novel. Since then, David has become a leading voice in the world of digital marketing, writing a regular column for AdAge, speaking at leading conferences like Inbound in addition to leading marketing at a top digital agency.

In addition David is smart, funny, snarky, dry-witted, clever and selfless. That is fancy talk for David is an all around good guy."

Amy Schmittauer: Practices What She Preaches

By Shawn Pfunder, GoDaddy                 (Tweet this)

AmySchmittauer-436897-edited"Content marketing — at least good content marketing — is hard. Especially video. You want helpful, engaging stuff. Beautiful stuff. And anything that's hard to do has a gaggle of coaches and gurus lined up to teach you the secret of success. And ironically, a lot of them can't even figure out their own content marketing. They're like cross-country coaches who have never run a mile in their lives.

That's not Amy. Amy knows her stuff. She's got a lot of experience under her belt and she practices what she preaches. She's a coach that makes you feel like you can do it, even if you're tired and confused and just want to sit on the couch and eat Nutter Butters."


Brian Clark: When He Speaks, Listen

By Darren Rowse, ProBlogger                 (Tweet this)

"Describing Brian Clark in just 100 words is a daunting process and is going to take me several drafts and revisions.

The end result will include words such as ‘wordsmith’, ‘teacher’, ‘authority’, ’entrepreneur’, ‘astute’, ‘admired’, ‘raconteur’, ‘visionary’, ‘smart’ and ‘leader’.

None of those words completely sum him up but I’m proud to also be able to add ‘friend’ to the list.

When Brian speaks I listen. I encourage you to do too."

Chris Brogan: The Guy You Pick First

By Brian Clark, Copyblogger                 (Tweet this)

"Chris Brogan has been many things to me over the years -- friend, business partner, and inspiration. But mostly, Chris is a tireless connector and community builder. He's one of those people who has no idea how being of service will benefit him in return, and he doesn't care a bit. The cool thing is, it does benefit him, often in ways he couldn't have contemplated if he were the scheming type. That’s the kind of guy you pick first to be on your team. Especially for dodge ball."


Since we have that fantastic picture of all three of them, and since Darren introduced Brian, Brian introduced Chris, and Chris introduced Darren, I've included a bonus re-run of Chris Brogan's introduction of Darren Rowse that originally ran in our first post.

Darren Rowse: There's More to All This Than 'Gee Whiz'

By Chris Brogan, Owner Media Group                 (Tweet this)

"Darren Rowse runs Problogger, which many of us turned to as possible proof that there was more to all this than gee whiz and complaining. His Digital Photography School went on to be huge as well. Sticking quite close to his knitting after all these years, he is every bit as prophetic and brilliant in what he covers as he was then."

Which INBOUND speakers would you like to hear about in our next post? Leave a comment below to let us know. And don't forget that INBOUND ticket prices will continue to go higher from here on out. Buy yours and get your hotel booked while discounted rooms still remain, and then join us September 8-11 in Boston.

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