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How-to (Literally) Win Friends, Influence People, and Nail Goals at INBOUND

Posted by INBOUND Guest Blogger on 9/2/15 6:30 AM

This guest post is by Rosilyn Rayborn, Digital Marketing Manager for Associa.

INBOUND 2015 is almost here! Aren't you excited?

I'm sure we're all tackling those last-minute tasks and making note of everything we want to accomplish and eat/see/do during INBOUND, so any tips to get the most from the trip are welcome (if you have any, post them in the comments, or tweet me). And, since I spent a little bit of time in Boston last month, I picked up some tips to make your upcoming trip run smoothly.

If you're an overpacker, app lover or networking newbie (or a pro who wants a new tactic), you'll want to read this post.

I've got tips for how to pack, what to download, how to talk like a local and how to (literally) win friends at INBOUND 2015.


  • Get a Flight 001 Spacepak: This is the lifesaver right here. It promises to fit two weeks' worth of clothes and it actually does! What I love about my Spacepak is that in this one pack, you get 2 sides: one for clean clothes and one for dirty. And it fits perfectly inside my Delsey carryon. PRO TIP: Drop a dryer sheet into each side of the Spacepak to keep things fresh.
  • Hit up Sephora for sample sizes of your favorite products. Sephora has no limit on the number of samples they will prepare for you, so go in and stock up (but, don't get too crazy). Think moisturizer, liquid foundation and cleansers. PRO TIP: Stick with your tried-and-true favorites because you don't want to have a bad skin reaction to a new product just before you take a selfie with your favorite speaker. Cough, Aziz Ansari?
  • Coordinate. Outliers was a good book, but it's not a good packing strategy. If it can't be worn in at least 2 different ways, leave it at home. Sound hard? Try this: pick a main color and only pack items that fit that color scheme. PRO TIP: It's not called "America's Walking City" for nothing. Remember to pack comfortable shoes.



2_Go_hereOne place you may not think to visit is the HubSpot office. I recently got to tour the space while boning up on my inbound skills at an awesome 2-day classroom training course and it was impressive. They had everything: a candy bar, a cereal bar, game room, a fruit wall, and workspace for any mood. If I worked there, you'd find me in the little café area that's set up to mimic a coffee shop. Keep in mind that everyone who works there is crazy busy right now, but if you're lucky enough to score a chance to visit through one of your contacts there, take it.

Now, this next recommendation is going to get me some dirty looks but I stand by it: forego America's oldest restaurant, Union Oyster House, and their hour long (if you're lucky) wait and opt for The Tap Trailhouse -- the spot 2 doors down that has no wait, great staff, good food, and better Yelp reviews. This is especially important because it's here that you can mingle with locals and find out where to really spend your time while you're in town. I moseyed up to the bar and a friendly local got me a cold one and dished on which tourist traps to avoid. Which leads me to the best tip I can give you: MEET REAL PEOPLE!


There's no way that I would've known how to pronounce Faneuil Hall (like Daniel, but with an 'F'), or that they actually do call water fountains "bubblers" and refer to Dunkin Donuts as "Dunks" or that (some) Bostonians are often referred to as "Massholes" (which I didn't find to be true at all), if I hadn't gone out and met people IRL (this Buzzfeed video was definitely the ice breaker). We'll have plenty of time during sessions to be glued to our tweet streams and picking the perfect filter for our dream selfie (mine's Amy Schumer), but between sessions, make an effort to actually meet the faces behind the avatars.

Souvenir_Swap_2Not sure how to break the ice? Try this: Bring something cool from your hometown to give away to folks you meet at INBOUND and don't forget to take a selfie with them. Tweet the photo and include #INBOUND15 and #SelfieSouvenirSwap.

This is a great way to network, break the ice, exchange some souvenirs and have faces to put with names when we're following up with emails post-conference. Also, as cute as you are, it'll be nice for your Instagram stream to include more faces than yours.

And, just to prove to you that I eat my own dog food, I'll have a special gift from Dallas waiting on the first 10 people who come up to me at INBOUND, mention this post and snap a selfie with me.

Sound like fun? Join in!

If you want to participate, just post a #SelfieSouvenirSwap Tweet that you're in and I'll be on the lookout for you at #INBOUND15.

See you soon!

What are your tips for a successful INBOUND 2015?

Rosilyn_RaybornRosilyn Rayborn is a HubSpot lover and the Digital Marketing Manager for Associa—the worldwide leader in community management (the IRL kind, no the online kind). Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter, where she is @RosilynRayborn.

Remember, you can't win any friends or swap souvenirs with anyone if you haven't registered. Time is running out, what are you waiting for? INBOUND kicks off September 8 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Be there for all the excitement.

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