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HERE are the Women: 150+ Great Speakers You Should Know [#IWD2016]

Posted by Laura @Pistachio Fitton on 3/8/16 6:30 AM

IWD2016.jpgYou've heard it before, and probably, much too much: 

"Where are the women speakers?"

Maybe you were the one asking? Maybe you were the one being asked? At all too many events in all too many industries it's something that just keeps coming up.

Folks, it's 2016. There are thousands of great speakers, all over the world, who are women.

"We tried but we couldn't find any" is a cop out. Don't even get me started on "we don't want to lower the bar." 

So our salute to International Women's Day (today, March 8th) is this mega-list of 150+ experienced INBOUND speakers, who just happen to also be women. Are you (or do you know someone who is) looking for great speakers? You came to the right place.

The Main Stage

Stage: Standing proud amongst four years worth of talent on our main stage - including talent for Keynotes, Spotlights, and INBOUND Rocks - is this group of twelve dazzling women we've been very lucky to host.

12 Speakers:

Sophia Amoruso    

Chelsea Clinton 

Brené Brown 

Susan Cain

Elizabeth Dunn

Arianna Huffington   

Cyndi Lauper

Amy Jo Martin           

Janelle Monáe 

Amy Schumer

Shiza Shahid

Martha Stewart


Videos: Brené Brown (with Jon Ronson)Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth DunnCyndi LauperAmy Jo Martin, Shiza Shahid, Martha Stewart

Arianna Huffington's INBOUND 2013 Keynote remains one of our audience's all-time favorites:

Ideas & Experiences

Stage: Led by the best Inbound professionals out there, these sessions will teach the principles and skills of Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales and Inbound Services that will improve and transform your business.

20 Speakers: 

Leslie Bradshaw    

Nancy Duarte

Beth Dunn 

Gini Dietrich 

Laura Fitton 

Porter Gale 

Brooke Hammerling   

Ann Handley

Charlene Li

Nataly Kelly

Jenifer Kern

Jill Konrath

Anne Mercogliano     

Lorrie Norrington

Camille Ricketts

 Kathy Sierra

Carmen Simon

Mari Smith

Kara Swisher

Viveka Von Rosen


Videos: Leslie Bradshaw, Beth Dunn, Gini Dietrich, Laura Fitton, Ann Handley, Charlene Li, Nataly Kelly, Jenifer Kern, Jill Konrath, Anne Mercogliano, Carmen Simon, Mari Smith, Viveka Von Rosen

Executive Track

Stage: In these strategic executive level sessions you will hear from the top C-level experts on how their role is evolving in an inbound driven world.

7 Speakers:

Stacey Bishop              

Tiffani Bova

Alison Elworthy         

Cindy Jeffers

Perry Hewitt

Shama Hyder               

Kim Walsh



Videos: Stacey Bishop & Alison Elworthy, Perry Hewitt, Shama Hyder

Bold Talks

Stage: Discover bold, powerful talks from diverse, exciting, and influential people. These riveting presentations will educate, challenge, and impress you in 12 minutes or less!

46 Speakers and Videos:

Lisa Birnbach  

Leslie Bradshaw

Merredith Branscombe  

Natalie Burke

Liysa Callsen

Amber Case

Sloane Davidson

Laurie Davis

Gini Dietrich

Beth Dunn

Gretta Gardner

Lisa Genova

Jessica Gioglio

Emily Green

Ann Handley

Karen Hartline

LaShawne Holland

Ariel Hyatt

Glenda Watson Hyatt   

Alexandra Jamieson

Whitney Johnson

Coco Krumme

Emily Olson LaFavre

Julia Landauer

Jennifer Leggio

Valeria Maltoni

Rúna Magnúsdóttir    

Amy Jo Martin

Pam Moore

Justine Musk

Erika Napoletano

Amber Naslund

Dr. Susan O'Malley

Christine Perkett

Lisa Pierpont

Susan Piver

Kira Radinsky

Katie Rae

Kathy Sierra

Pamela Slim

Marisa Smith

Jen Spencer

Alicia Staley

Kelsey Tainsh

Ekaterina Walter

Tamsen Webster




Hacks, Tips & Tricks 

Stage: Hear from the best in the business up close and in depth. These smaller breakout sessions are designed to get deeper into the details and provide insight into some of today’s hottest inbound topics and success stories.

47 Speakers:

Rachna Agarwalla

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Sarah Bedrick

Colleen Carney

Rebecca Corliss 

Taylor Corrado

Trish Bertuzzi

Pam Didner 

Corey Eridon 

Debbie Farese

Peg Fitzpatrick

Jill (Fratianne) DiSaverio

Sarah Goliger

Rachel Happe 

Karen Hartline

Clodagh Higgins

Maggie (Hibma) Butler 

Jeanne Hopkins

Tara Hunt 

Anum Hussain

Amanda Iglesias     

Denise Jacobs

Shannon Johnson     

Nichole Kelly

Lana Khavinson

Juliette Kopecky

Julie (Spatola) Kukesh

Carole Mahoney

Tamara McCleary

Susan McPherson

Jessica Meher

Ellie Mirman 

Lucy Orloski 

Christine Perkett

Lori Richardson

Jill Rowley

Annie Schirmacher 

Amy Schmittauer 

Niti Shah

Amanda Sibley 

Sonia Simone 

Emma Snider

Ginny Soskey

Lisa Toner

Pamela Vaughan

Tamsen Webster

Elle Woulfe



Videos: Karen Hartline, Susan McPhersonAmy Schmittauer, Niti Shah

Agency Track

Stage: Led by agency thought leaders and HubSpot Partners, this track will explore strategies to help HubSpot Partners grow and scale their business.

15 Speakers: 

Kathleen Booth

Anese Cavanaugh   

Rachel Cogar

Melanie Collins 

Brooke Freedman 

Julie (Devaney) Hogan    

Susan LaPlante-Dube

Elyse Meyer

Leslie (Mitchell) Grenier 

Jami Oetting 

Lori Richardson

Kymberly Robinson    

Tiffany Sauder

Marisa Smith 

Jordyne Wu 



Grow With HubSpot 

Stage: Experience the ultimate in Inbound marketing and sales solutions. HubSpot's own experts and customers will share their secrets - from product deep dives to marketing strategy transformation stories. Whether or not you're a customer, there's a talk for you.

22 Speakers:

Lia Cefalu

Angela DeFranco

Laura Fagundes

Tracy Foster

Maggie Georgieva   

Mary Juetten 

Nalini Kaplan 

Nicola Anne Leckie 

Stephanie Lussier 

Patricia MacKenzie 

Candace Bazemore    

Liz McClellan 

Julie Montgomery    

Alyssa O'Mara 

Delaney Parrish

Sonya Pelia

Anna Perko

Kristy Sharrow

Melissa Steward

Tracey Wallace

Erin Wasson

Rebecca Whitney




Are you a great speaker (of any gender!) who wants to throw your hat in the ring for a spot on an INBOUND stage this year? Take a look at this exhaustive blog post on landing speaking gigs:

How to: Land A Speaking Gig at the Event of Your Dreams

And then, register your interest here to learn all about the INBOUND 2016 Call for Speakers process: Speaker Interest.

We'll be in touch when the Call for Speakers is announced...

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 *A note on our fluidity in the total number of women - it took a while to de-duplicate our lists, and in quite a few cases, women have graced more than one INBOUND stage. This list contains +/- 155 individual women whose work you should get to know.

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