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Care Immensely or Die: This is a Bigger Culture Shift than you Realize

Speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk, Bestselling Author

“If you do not care about your end user immensely, your brand will die.” Provocative words backed up by the street credibility of extreme business success. Gary will show us exactly how brands that connect with clients in a real way will win.

Take everything you’ve heard about social media and press it through an aggressive, no-nonsense business filter getting straight to the practical, functional core of better business. Marketing, customer service, competition are all turned on their heads by the massive culture shift that is social media. This shift is so big that we are still underestimating it. True social media ROI isn’t just about new customer acquisition, it’s about about customer retention, long-term and business goals. Expect to be challenged. Prepare to ask questions. Just don’t miss the big event.

Gary will talk about:

  • How massive the social media culture shift already is -- and where it’s going
  • No-holds-barred advice on putting everything you’re learning to work in your business
  • Masterfully integrating the online with the offline in your inbound marketing program